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>> Monday, February 18, 2013

From Saturday to Saturday, I hit the pool FOUR TIMES!! I did 7,200 yards in 8 days! I'm starting to like swimming (a little) again!!

I'm only up to 11,500 yards on the year, but last year, I didn't log that many yards until mid-May.

There were 2 months last year I didn't swim at all. Of the other 10 months, there were 6 where I only did 3 or fewer swims. And there was only ONE month where I did more than 7,200 ALL MONTH! And now I just did that in 8 days.

This goes back to a point I tried to make last month: don't WAIT to be in PERFECT shape to try something out - just go TRY it! I'm doing all this swimming because I'm trying my first swim meet in 6 days, and I don't want to make a fool of myself. I'm not in great swim shape, but I'm not letting that stop me. And the pleasant side-effect of signing up to do this swim meet is that it's pushed me into the pool more over these last 3 weeks. (The problem will be what will become of my swimming after this meet? Will I not swim again until April? Will I need to find another swim meet to help keep me in the pool? We'll find out...)

Saturday, Henry and I headed to the Y together. He's REALLY loving "Kids Care" at the Y. He was there for 1 hour and 50 minutes on Saturday, and he didn't want to leave!! I was planning on swimming 10x100, doing some drills, and then lifting weights. But suddenly I saw one of the "Kids Care" workers standing on the edge of the pool after my 9th interval. "Oh crap." But it was literally just "crap" because Henry had just pooped his diaper - they don't change diapers, but they'll come get you right away to take care of it. So I was standing in the "Kids Care" room in nothing but a Speedo and a towel wrapped over my shoulders (you know, for modesty) as the 2 female twenty-something workers and a dozen kids looked on.

That's the first time I changed Henry's diaper when I was dripping wet in a Speedo. I changed him once when I was dry and in a Speedo...

A final diaper change last summer before the Trinona Triathlon.

I hopped back in the pool and did my drills. Then I stretched pretty well. And finally I lifted weights for 40 minutes.

So as a recap...
• Saturday the 9th was 10x100 (1:26.20 ave) - 1800 total
• Monday the 11th was 2000 tempo
• Thursday the 14th was some drills - 1500 total
• Saturday the 16th was 9x100 (1:26.33 ave) and some drills - 1900 total

(Had I done 10 intervals and finished the final one 1 second faster than my 9th, I'd have had the exact same average as my 10x100 the week before.)

I'll be back next Monday with my first race report from a swim meet! Later today, I'm meeting with the swim coach at the Y so she can teach me to dive off the blocks!! She promised me she wouldn't laugh...


TriMOEngr 1:16 PM, February 18, 2013  

Really should get her to take video of your first few attempts off the blocks. :)

Steve Stenzel 3:09 PM, February 18, 2013  

TriMOEngr, I THOUGHT about asking her to do that..... but she was too busy laughing after one that she would have dropped the camera.... Really.

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