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>> Monday, July 02, 2012

I recently had the chance to interview Minnesotan and former Olympic runner Carrie Tollefson about her upcoming kids running camp in St. Paul called (appropriately so) the "Carrie Tollefson Training Camp."

I first met Carrie at the Minneapolis Duathlon 2 years ago. Here was what I had posted on my blog:

One of my favorite photos from the day was from when I bumped into local running star Carrie Tollefson. Here she is (with her legs) on the cover of Running Times and Runner’s World:

Well, I bumped into her in transition as soon as I got there. She was SUPER nice. And the true sign of an athlete is when said athlete (Carrie) puts her arm tightly around a sweaty, sweaty man (me) and DOESN’T pull away instantly! (I had JUST gotten there by bike while wearing a back-pack, so my back was sweaty.)

Oh, and yes, I’m wearing the “Leisure Suit” jersey. And Carrie loved it!

I recently posted an article with my interview with Carrie about her running camp. Here's a quick low-down on her camp:

- July 17-20, 2012.
- For middle school and high school runners grades 7-12.
- At St. Kates University in St. Paul.
- TONS of great guest speakers (elite athletes, doctors, coaches, sports specialists, motivational speakers) on training, nutrition, stride analysis, drills, muscle development, pool workouts, etc.
- Did you read the last bullet point? I WANT TO TAKE THIS CAMP MYSELF!!
- $400 (or $350 for teams of 5 or more) for 4 days of food, lodging, training, and a goodie bag from Adidas.

To read my interview with Carrie, CLICK HERE to check it out. Make sure to watch the embedded video (left side of article) to get a REAL sense of what happens over the 4-day camp. There's also a slideshow of photos from the last few years of her camp.

Carrie and her campers have made it to the Minneapolis Triathlon over the last few years to cheer on the athletes and to talk with some of the pros:

Chatting with pro triathlete Matty Reed in 2009.

Carrie's group with local pro David Thompson.

I looked through my slideshow in my article about the 2011 Minneapolis Triathlon, and I found 2 photos from the awards ceremony that show a few of Carrie's campers in the foreground:

"Reed spraying the kids up front with champagne."

"Haskins accepting her $5,000 bonus for winning the equalizer."

Pharmie and I both remember seeing Carrie and all of her campers hanging out up front, so most of those heads in the foreground are students in her camp.

Seriously... after all of this, I want to take this camp! This looks great! Right?!?

Last year's group photo with Carrie (front row, pink), her campers, and her pro team (top row).

Again, CLICK HERE to read my full interview with Carrie. And make sure to watch the embedded video (left side of article) to see clips of what happens over the 4-day camp.

- Click here for the link to Carrie's training camp.
- Click here for Carrie's weekly video podcasts.
- Click here for my interview with Carrie.

p.s. Carrie has said I can "crash" part of the training camp and share some of her training tips with you all! (Or the thoughts / tips of whomever is speaking / presenting when stop by.) So look for some more from me about Carrie Tollefson's Training Camp in a few weeks!


Erick 8:59 AM, July 02, 2012  

I'd love to crash too, so I'm looking fwd to your post.

Jeremy Reichenberger 1:37 PM, July 02, 2012  

Damn, I wish I were still in high school!

Lisa S 7:04 PM, July 02, 2012  

I need to know where to get a leisure suit jersey!

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