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>> Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Life Time Fitness Triathlon report will be up tomorrow, but I just have a few quick photos for you today.

At the race expo on Friday afternoon, I stopped by to chat with pro triathlete and former Olympian Sarah Haskins for a moment:

The best part of our conversation was early on when she said "Oh, I remember you. It's Steve, right?" We had met at a pre-race pro dinner last year, and she follows me on twitter! I asked her to sign a photo for Henry, and she gave us this:

"Henry- Best wishes and follow your dreams. Sarah Haskins, USA"

That's sweet and all, but Henry's 13 months old. He dreams about boobies and making loud noises. If he follows those dreams, he'll end up as a DJ at a strip club.

Just kidding. :) Thanks Ms. Haskins!! Great seeing you again! Thanks for the photo, and CONGRATS on your 4th straight win yesterday!

And then post-race yesterday, I got a media VIP pass. In the swanky VIP tent, I bumped into Alicia Kaye. She was the points leader in the "Race to the Toyota Cup" when she came to town to race last year, but then (in her words), Sarah Haskins just wouldn't let her keep winning. (Haskins took the series last year.) Anyway, here's a sweaty and nasty Steve with a cool and much better looking Alicia after she had just taken 4th in 2:03:

Totally sweated through EVERYTHING. And she's still touching me.
I hope she washed that hand. With bleach.

And here's one last photo for the ladies. The pro field at this race was NUTS. Here's Matty Reed, Cameron Dye's hunky legs and bum, some pro I don't know, and Hunter Kemper (one of our Olympians representing us next month in London):

Is it just me, or are Cameron Dye's bum and hammies just about perfect....

CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of a few pros and other event photos that I took before and after my race yesterday.

Back with a full report tomorrow!


Unknown 1:58 PM, July 15, 2012  

I must admit, I didn't expect to see a close up of some guy's butt on your blog. Lol

T 4:31 PM, July 15, 2012  

the hubby also saw cameron dye's butt up close a week ago at 5i50 boulder peak ... as brandon finished RIGHT behind dye.

(and no, that doesn't mean the husband's that fast, unfortunately; pros started last.)

Lisa S 9:31 PM, July 16, 2012  

If his face looks half as good as his butt....yikes!

Ryan Dailey (rdailey),  2:21 PM, July 18, 2012  

I think the unknown pro in the pick was Matty Reed. Great to see you again, and congrats on the course PR and breaking 2:30!

Sarah 3:41 PM, July 18, 2012  

Yes! Men in bike shorts! Woot!

This totally made my day.Fact!


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