Long July 4th Bike Ride (with New Garmin!)

>> Saturday, July 07, 2012

I got up at 2:45 a.m. on Wednesday July 4th. I've actually been getting up at that time on Wednesday's since the first of the year because our Church is doing "Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration," and I signed up for the (UnGodly) hour of 3-4 a.m. every Wednesday. It's been interesting to have an hour to sit in silence at Church, flip through the Bible, and contemplate my religious beliefs. I don't need to go into it, but it's made me a better person. Maybe this surprises some of you... I don't know. I have my faith, I'm happy with it, and I don't try to force it upon anyone. We all have the right to believe what we want to believe. I'm a liberal Catholic: I wish women could be priests, I wish priests could marry, and I wish the Church didn't treat gay and lesbian couples the way it does. But I don't talk about it much because I don't want to "start something." We all can have our own religious beliefs, and we don't need to fight about it. There. That's my religion in a nutshell.

"No, this is me in a nutshell. Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this nutshell? Look at
the size of this bloody great big nutshell! What sort of shell has a nut like this? This is crazy!"

Anyone remember this? No? OK... moving on.

So I had some breakfast, got "geared up," and was ready for a long ride! I usually don't have the chance to really fit in a workout early Wednesday mornings because Pharmie has to get up early to get ready for work. So if Henry wakes up, it's my duty after a certain hour. But it was the 4th of July and she didn't work. Now was my chance! (Plus, the roads would be extra quiet because it was a holiday - who's up at 4 am on the 4th of July?!?)

As I was getting all set to go, I snapped a self-portrait with my cell phone outside:

Yeah. There it is. Apparently, it's still quite dark at 4:30 a.m.

I set Goldilocks outside and grabbed a photo of her:

Those 2 little parallel reflections in the middle is her saddle. I think.

The sky was just starting to lighten, so I grabbed a photo showing a tree in our front yard against the dark blue sky as it was starting to lighten a bit:

Beautiful. Invisible. Pointless. Sorry.

Off I went. I had to turn around about 4 miles in because the cops had a road closed near a park by the Ford Plant. It looked as if they were looking for someone "on the run," so I didn't want to go riding through there. I altered my course and kept at it.

I stopped about 12 miles into the ride to refill my water. I grabbed another photo now that it was starting to get lighter:

Around 5:30 or so.

I forgot to mention... I stopped to refill water that soon because it was 85 degrees and as humid as my balls. It was THICK and yucky out there. It was all week. Anyway, I dropped a Nuun in my refilled bottle and took off.

I looped up into downtown St. Paul (which was DEAD [as it usually is]) and crossed the Wabasha Street Bridge. I rode by a Mexican Bakery where Pharmie and I had some DELICIOUS rolls on a bike ride about 5 years ago, and made my way to a trail along the Mississippi.

Riding on the levee at mile 16ish with the stank of slaughterhouses to my right.

I crossed the river, got along Hwy 61, and headed back towards downtown St. Paul. I rode along side of a doe near 61 and Warner while riding through some low-lying fog. Beautiful.

I told myself I'd go "a decent pace" through mile 35, and then I'd ease up. I over-shot home because I was headed to the finish line at the "Red, White & BOOM!" Half Marathon (shortened to a 5-mile because of the heat). As I was cheering in the finishers, I snapped a photo of my new toy:

Yep. Pharmie got me the "Garmin 910xt" for Father's Day!! It's my FIRST Garmin! I enjoyed having it on the ride, but I haven't downloaded my data yet. Their website says the "Garmin ANT Agent" needed to download files from my Garmin to my laptop works on Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, and I run OS X 10.4.11 on my 6 year old laptop:

But when I tried to install it, it wouldn't work as it told me "Must be OS X 10.5 or Greater." I contacted Garmin, we went back a forth twice, and as of Thursday afternoon, this is how it was left by the people at Garmin:

It looks like there is a glitch. We are looking into this to see if we cannot find out what is going on. Our current version of ANT Agent will not work on 10.4.11 so we are looking into seeing if we have the version that will work for it. At this point though I cannot promise that we can get it to work.

I think by "glitch" he means "typo on our website that screws you over once you've purchased our $400 product, Steve Stenzel." I'm pretty pissed. I pretty much have a large expensive watch. But let's move on.


I cheered on the runners as they cross the Stone Arch Bridge to finish the "Red, White & BOOM!" 5-Mile race. CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of photos I took with my cell phone. I cheered for a half hour, and then rode back home. Here was my final map of the day (mapped out with mapmyrun and not my Garmin):

Basically an ugly figure-8 with an added little out-and-back to the NW.

That was my longest ride in over 2 years! In April of 2010, I went on a 44 miler with 2 of my brother-in-laws, and we posted the same 18.5 mph average as I did this last week.

So we'll see if I can get my Garmin fully connected to my computer one of these days, and I'll try that out on more workouts. The Life Time Fitness Olympic Distance Triathlon is next weekend!! I won't be gunning for any sort of PR - I'll just be racing for fun.

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Happy weekend!


The Triathlon Rx 11:38 AM, July 07, 2012  

Two things:

1) I've pretty much had that issue with Garmin being compatible with Mac since I got the 405. It seems like every time they "fix" it... they update the software and we start all over again.

2) Sounds like you and I share a lot of the same religious views. You should check out the book Being Catholic Now by Kerry Kennedy... brought into light a lot of the "issues" I have with the Catholic church, but at the same time reaffirmed why I can feel proud to be a Catholic. Made me realize my issues aren't with the *church* (the PEOPLE that make up the body) ... but really just this holy government / hierarchy put in place that doesn't really have a lot to do with the actual teachings of Jesus. At all.

(.... close nutshell) :D

Have a great weekend!

Maggs 11:50 AM, July 07, 2012  

I think the glitch means you need to call them and waste 2 hours of your time while they walk you through it. I just haven't found those 2 hours to do it yet.

Sarah 4:00 PM, July 07, 2012  

1. I'm with you on your religion beliefs. All of it, actually.

2. That's a good ride! I'm swooning with envy...

3. Austin Powers: Classic!

4. Guys talk about their balls constantly. Do you ever hear a woman start talking about their va-jay-jay. No. You don't. And this is what's wrong with the world... ;)

Have a great weekend!


Unknown 4:32 PM, July 07, 2012  

Not 100% sure if this will work (I'm a Windows guy), but you should be able to connect your Garmin via USB and manually upload the files to Garmin Connect.

I inherited my wife's old Forerunner 205 which doesn't support the ANT+ wireless stuff, and that's how I have to upload my data.

The issue would be getting the drivers installed that recognize the device.

Steve Stenzel 4:58 PM, July 07, 2012  

Matthew, I thought of that too, but there's no way to do a direct USB connection - there's no USB with the device, and no way to "connect" to the watch. The watch looks just like a regular watch. To charge it, there's just a "clip" that attaches to it. There's no way to attach it manually to a laptop.

Dang technology. It TRIES to get smarter, but it doesn't always work...

Mark 5:01 PM, July 07, 2012  

I had to upgrade my Mac software to be compatible with the garmin plugins for Training Peaks/BeginnerTri/Garmin Connect. I had the 10.4 OS, but upgraded to 10.6OS for $30. Sucks, but was a needed thing (as the software nerds informed me...)

Mark 5:01 PM, July 07, 2012  

I had to upgrade my Mac software to be compatible with the garmin plugins for Training Peaks/BeginnerTri/Garmin Connect. I had the 10.4 OS, but upgraded to 10.6OS for $30. Sucks, but was a needed thing (as the software nerds informed me...)

Steve Stenzel 5:31 PM, July 07, 2012  

Mark, I'm more annoyed that their site gave me incorrect information. But if I can upgrade for $30 (I hadn't looked into it), I'm less annoyed! Thanks!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction 5:33 PM, July 07, 2012  

Why did I think the picture less pictures were hysterical?? i love that your blog is always fill with laughter and good info!

Anonymous,  10:15 PM, July 07, 2012  

Love your blog, been reading it for years. The Church doesn't do a good job of explaining their teachings from the pulpit as Priests don't want to walk the fine line and discuss the marital act. The Church teaches the marital act is a gift from God. It also teaches that the act is meant to be unitive and procreative and thus by using birth control you take God's will out of the picture. Gay and lesbians are called to live a chaste live as all single people are too.

Anonymous,  10:17 PM, July 07, 2012  

Have you read anything on the Theology of the Body? Very interesting teaching by Pope John Pope

Anonymous,  11:34 PM, July 07, 2012  

On older Garmin watches the power cord connects to the transformer via USB. I would be surprised they would change this.

Steve Stenzel 7:00 AM, July 08, 2012  

Most recent Anonymous: they DID change this, and it's annoying. There's no possible "wired" way to connect to a computer anymore. Dang watch.

SteveQ 12:28 PM, July 08, 2012  

Yeah, I don't trot out my religious views much, but how could I NOT be part of something with The Diet of Worms (!) in its history?

bobbi 7:58 AM, July 09, 2012  

have you checked this out? http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2011/10/garmin-forerunner-910xt-in-depth-review.html

If you scroll way down, he gives instructions on how to upload your data to an iphone - if you have one, it'd at least let you see your data (or email it to yourself) until garmin figures out a fix...

Drum 8:21 AM, July 09, 2012  

I just got that watch also. So far it's working for me on RunningAhead.com. I like that site better than Garmin Connect anyway. Good luck and congrats on your long ride!

Drum 8:22 AM, July 09, 2012  

Oh, I should add....because I have an old Mac too. Haha!

Jay,  12:43 PM, July 09, 2012  

you might like the garmin bike mount:


You can strap it to the handle bar if you like. But during a tri it might be annoying to try to get off in a hurry, but for just cycling I like mine.

Steve Stenzel 8:55 AM, July 12, 2012  

Thanks everyone for your Garmin thoughts. I wanted to let you know that Garmin sent me their old ANT software, so it works on my machine now! Here's the update post: http://iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com/2012/07/race-week-and-my-new-garmin-works.html


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