3 Races in 3.5 Days

>> Monday, July 23, 2012

It's going to be a FULL weekend of racing fun!!

No, I'm NOT doing 3 races this weekend, but I AM doing 2 races over about a 36 hour period.

RACE #1: The Rice Street Mile on Thursday night. This is an MDRA "Grand Prix" race, so it's one that I need to run to earn some points! It's a point-to-point "road mile," and I've never done a road mile before. Well, I guess I DID run the TC 1 Mile with Pharmie 2 years ago when she was 36 weeks pregnant...

.... but we took it easy and ran an 11:00 mile, so I don't think that counts. People tell me that "road miles" are a bit faster than "track miles" mainly because you're not turning all the time. I'm not in great "1 mile" shape (lots of longer and slower runs for me lately), but I'm really hoping to break 5:00. My slowest indoor mile (on a 200 meter track) was my first one about 4 years ago, and that was 5:00.7. After that, I dropped it down to 4:54 just 2 weeks later because I had learned a lot in that first race. Anyway, we'll see what I can do at this "road mile" on Thursday night.

RACE #2: The Run for Blood 5K on Saturday morning. This is another MDRA "Grand Prix" race, so again, I'm doing it for the Grand Prix points. I think it's at Lake Calhoun. Hoping to keep it around 17:45.

RACE #3: The Waseca Sprint Triathlon on Sunday morning. No, I'm NOT doing a triathlon after those 2 races - that would make my body explode. But Pharmie's going down to do this triathlon along with her brother and his girlfriend Angela. It will be Angela's FIRST TRIATHLON!! And Henry and I will be there to cheer everyone on!

It was 2 years ago at this race where I debuted the "Tutti Frutti" shorts! And it was Matt's second ever triathlon.

Super sexy post-race 2 years ago. Oh, did I say "sexy?"
I meant "awkward, exhausted, and hot." My bad.

So I hope to have a 1 mile race report posted on Saturday and a 5K race report posted next Monday. So check back for those. And then some time a bit later next week, I'll have a "sherpa report" from Matt, Angela, and Pharmie's triathlon! It's gonna be a fun weekend!

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Carolina John 9:56 AM, July 23, 2012  

Good luck man! That's a great series of races to be in. Our grand prix fall series is about to start up again with a 1 mile road race. I'm hoping to break 6:00

Hamlton 9:59 AM, July 23, 2012  

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SteveQ 10:14 AM, July 23, 2012  

Doug Hegley is injured and not running either race, so you'll beat him in the Grand Prix. One down, about three to go?

SteveQ 10:52 AM, July 23, 2012  

Oh... and Rice Street is decidedly downhill the last half, so expect a fast time.

Ririnette 9:12 PM, July 23, 2012  

Hey Steve, so yesterday I ran my first triathlon, an Olympic distance at the inaugural Toronto Triathlon Festival. If you had asked me what a triathlon was a year ago I would have mumbled something about three sports, but not sure which ones exactly. But since I discovered your (and Pharmie's) blog, I got hooked. I thought you may be happy to know how much you guys inspired me. I finished in 3:12, not too shabby. I won't stop until I do an Ironman too :-D

Ririnette 9:12 PM, July 23, 2012  
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Ririnette 9:14 PM, July 23, 2012  

Ha, meant completed. I wish I could run on water. I suck at swimming anyway.

Evan Roberts 7:28 AM, July 24, 2012  

For most people, road miles are faster because they're downhill and [sometimes] have a tailwind. But if people want to believe it's the turns, they can.

In the 1920s and 1930s there were races on straight, no-turn, with the wind, 1 mile tracks in places like Atlantic city as people tried to run the first sub-4 minute mile.

Laura 2:06 PM, August 02, 2012  

Totally random question: can you tell me where your wife got her maternity work out clothes? I can't find anything that I would actually consider working out in - or is she just wearing normal work out clothes that are larger than her normal size?

Steve Stenzel 2:12 PM, August 02, 2012  

Laura, here's a post my wife put up while pregnant that will hopefully help:


Good luck!!

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