Semi-Wordless Wednesday: A New Speedo

>> Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My friend (and my wife's EvoTri teammate) Robby B sent me this AMAZING tweet last night:

Yes, it's for real.


Carolina John 9:10 AM, May 02, 2012  

Nice. I've got a pair of pink flowered Dolfin Ugglies that i'm digging on from last year. good stuff.

BriTriGuy 9:23 AM, May 02, 2012  

Anyone interested in chipping in for this guy's race entry fee plus a little extra if he runs wearing these and only these?

Our Tri Club President it going to run a race in a Speedo if enough people post their race schedule on our website.

Kathy 3:59 PM, May 02, 2012  

yo, bitriguy - post the schedule so we can all post it to our websites. you all need to get over your speedo phobias. :)

TriMOEngr 5:04 PM, May 02, 2012  

Wowsers - at least Steve's crazy jammers cover everything.

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