Friday Funny 328: Catchy Song

>> Friday, May 25, 2012

You've all heard this catchy song. Here are some things related to that from the internet that make me smile:

(Of COURSE the last guy is Italian)

And on a related "musical" note, you may enjoy this:

And this:

Did you sing this one? I totally did. It makes it better.


TriMOEngr 7:10 AM, May 25, 2012  

Definitely sang the last one. Love it.

B.o.B. 8:27 AM, May 25, 2012  

And you just made my whole day. That song KILLS me. But it is damn catchy. I am going to link to you today b/c this is amazing.

a runner 10:16 AM, May 25, 2012  

How could I not sing it? In fact...I sang every one of these :)

SteveQ 10:20 AM, May 25, 2012  

After the Harvard baseball team's video to it and the women's crew response to that, there was the Tonight Show's parody:

Jeff 11:03 PM, June 16, 2012  

You need to make your own version of this with a sperm and an egg. "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but if we get together, we'll make a baby"

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