Pharmie at the 'Land Between the Lakes' Triathlon!

>> Monday, May 21, 2012

My lovely Pharmie raced a sprint triathlon yesterday in Albert Lea. As I noted in my last post, I was going to come along and cheer, but take the weekend off from racing just to let my heel rest after last weekend's 1:20 half marathon - it was a little achy all week.

Transition in the distance.

Pharmie talking with the race director Mark.

Standing around COLD pre-race.

It was CHILLY before the race started. The water was WAY warmer than the air, so many people stayed warm in the lake:

Staying warm or peeing? You decide.

An Instagram photo of Pharmie just before starting!

The men took off!

The ladies followed 3 minutes later.
(That's Pharmie's forearm sticking way out of the water just left-of-center)

Local tri-hunk Sam Janicki was first out of the water.
He held on to that lead then entire race and took the win.

"Tall nice-kid Kyle" was in the lead pack, and he held on for 2nd overall!

SIDE NOTE: You might remember me mentioning "Tall nice-kid Kyle" about a year ago. We ran the first run of the Oakdale Duathlon together, and we chatted a bit. Since then, he's been known to me as "tall nice-kid Kyle." In fact, when I introduced him to my wife at yesterday's race, she actually told him "Yeah, he still refers to you as 'tall nice-kid Kyle.'" He laughed. Or maybe got freaked out a bit.

Soon, Pharmie came busting out of the water:

My wife and her guns.

Starting the ride with a smile!

Old high-school buddy Tim finishing the ride!

Pharmie running back in to rack her bike!

I tried to stay warm and dry while she was on the 4 mile run. It was misting off-and-on all morning, but it started to get heavy while I was waiting for her to finish. When she rounded the corner in the distance, it was "heavily misting" pretty good:

Pharmie in the distance, mist in the air.

Running towards the finish with a smile!

I think that's the race director's son JAMMING out to the finish line music as my wife finishes! Awesome!


She wasn't sure about doing the race as we were driving to the race after leaving Henry at Grandma's house, but she was all smiles and happy that she did it on the way home! :)

Click here for more photos from the race on my Examiner page.


Anonymous,  12:59 PM, May 21, 2012  

Will Pharmie revive her blog and give us a race report? If not, you should give her a guest spot on your blog to do just that.

B.o.B. 1:57 PM, May 21, 2012  

congrats to Pharmie! also, i love that kid jamming out. hilarious!

p.s. local try hunk dude..hubba hubba.

Anonymous,  6:28 PM, May 21, 2012  

Congratulations to your lovely wife for a great race!!

The Triathlon Rx 7:49 AM, May 23, 2012  

Ohhh Sam you little shark...

Way to get em Pharmie!! All smiles, but FIERCE smiles! ;)

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