Friday Funny 325: Best Teacher Quotes

>> Friday, May 18, 2012

When the semester ended, I collected my student's "process journals" to grade some of their process work from throughout the semester. On the first page of one of my student's journal, I found "BEST TEACHER QUOTES." I got her permission to post these, and I've blurred out the quotes from other teachers. (I have 7 of the 10 quotes she wrote down - I say some random stuff in my classes.)

See below for a legible interpretation and any back-story.

1. "In a whiney voice, 'Can someone help me? I don't know what to do?"  I was being dramatic with regards to our color solid, and I wanted the students to figure out what I was doing wrong (I was messing up on purpose).

2. "This is a really expensive piece of equipment held together with someones' garter."  As in the sexy thing on your leg to hold your stockings up. Yep. True story.

3. "This is starting to look... atheist or something..."  I remember saying that, but I forget why.

4. "Does this make sense? Does this all taste magically delicious right now?"  I'm pretty proud of that line.

5. "If you don't have good primaries, you probably should be murdered."  Well, it WAS a Color Theory class, so I kinda stand by that line...

6. "Those big TVs that sat on your parents floor and gave off radiation and made Dad sterile."  OK, as I said in the last point, it was a Color Theory class... so... no... I have NO idea how this came up...

7. "What's the opposite of orange?... Tuesday?"  Probably my best quote of the class. Well, either this one or the 'you should be murdered' one.


Aaron Gregerson 1:32 PM, May 18, 2012  

These are truly great! Oh to be a student of yours...

Lauren 2:03 PM, May 18, 2012  

Oh man! So funny! I had to share one from my semester...

passing out the midterm, Dr. Blank:
"if you don't get a 100, i'll kill you." awkward pause. "i am from the middle east..."

we died.

Jeremy Reichenberger 2:28 PM, May 18, 2012  

Yep. Definitely miss having you as a professor. That was a good semester. I'm sure you said some goofy stuff then too!

BriTriGuy 3:30 PM, May 18, 2012  

Haha, awesome. You should meet my 12th grade British History teacher. I did the same thing with all the stupid things he said such as..."Why did they call it the House of Tudor?...because it only had a front door and a back door."

I had a list of 30 or so and showed them to him at the end of the year. He thought it was hilarious but agreed that some of them were extremely corny.

Wendy 5:17 PM, May 18, 2012  

As a fellow teacher, I firmly believe that the best of us create an environment where the kids can be successful and we are ourselves...they embrace our passion or insanity. :-)

I can only imagine the lines or words that will be remembered by my students, as I often "invent" words being a linguist. Plus, being preg now my brain is forever switching things up. The kids just laugh... :-)

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