Official Photos from the New Prague Half Marathon

>> Thursday, May 17, 2012

The photos are in from my most perfect race ever. Here are just a few I'd like to share:

You can barely see me to the far left - just left of the guy in white.

350+ runners on their way!

Now I'm just right of the guy in white.

The winner SMOKED everyone in 1:12:36!!!

So, even though I mentioned in my race report that everything just came together PERFECTLY for me at this race, I WAS still working. Want proof? Here... look at me near the finish line:

Putting the "gross" in "Steve in a Speedo? Gross!"
Super. Un. Sexy.

And here were the 2 guys that really pulled me through those middle miles. This is Bob who finished just behind me, found my race report, and commented "Saturday was a 'perfect race' for me too, a 4 minute PR, thanks you for pushing me while I was trying to hold you off!..."


And Grand Prix runner Dave.

Finally, I have a ridiculously photogenic photo of my former student Jeremy who ran a 1:34 PR on Saturday. You should NOT look this good at the end of a half marathon:

I think Jeremy might be giving Ridiculously Photogenic Marathon Guy a run for his money.... :)

p.s. If you want to see a few more photos from the race, check out my race report and / or my Examiner write-up on the race. Thanks!


Jeremy Reichenberger 8:03 AM, May 17, 2012  

I can't stop laughing at this. This is the first time I've ever been called photogenic - much less ridiculously so.

I guess if I can't be as fast as you, I'll at least try to look good doing it. :)

Kristin,  8:45 AM, May 17, 2012  

I think I speak for all the ladies:


; )

SteveQ 10:31 AM, May 17, 2012  

I guy wins a major 1/2-marathon wearing knee socks, a backward ball cap and (at the start) sunglasses. It's official - running as a real sport is dead.

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