Racing With Henry Today!!

>> Saturday, March 24, 2012

Before I get to that, I want to share that Henry had his first run in a "spring rain" on Thursday. We had 45 minutes before he had to go to daycare, he was passed out in the carseat, and it was 60 degrees outside. So I got the BOB stroller out of the basement, threw on my running shoes and shorts, loaded Henry into the stroller, and went for an easy 5 mile run in the rain!

Henry woke up in a matter of minutes, and he was happy the rest of the time.

I timed my run perfectly so I could wheel him up to daycare and drop him off right on time:

Pulled up to daycare

In that photo: note some water drops on the handle, and a SOAKED canopy. But Henry was BONE dry! You can see his light brown pants don't have any water marks on them at all. R at daycare was as surprised as me when she pulled him out! (I had it slightly more "closed up" while running.)

A soaked Daddy when he got home from daycare drop-off.

Oh, and just before that, Henry had breakfast with me:

"Dad, I like pork roast for breakfast!!...."

"... but sometimes my 95th percentile head gets heavy on my
0.3 percentile frame, and I need to rest."

p.s. That was a FUN MORNING with my little dude!!

p.p.s. Pharmie LOVES his chubby hands in those photos!

ANYWAY..... Pharmie, Henry, and I are hopefully going to ALL BE RACING TOGETHER THIS MORNING!!

Henry's ran SIX races with Momma:

2010 TC Marathon (Pharmie ran it easy because we knew she
COULD be pregnant, and we found out the NEXT DAY that she was!)

Polar Dash 10K

Securian Run 10K

Get Lucky 7K

TC 1 Mile

Grand Old Day 5K

Click on any of those links above for more photos and info from those races! And of course I use the word "race" loosely... Pharmie NEVER pushed the effort while she was pregnant.

Later this morning, I hope to be pushing Henry in his first Father/Son race! We're all going to run the Lake Johanna 4 Mile in a few hours. Pharmie and I did this race back in 2010:

I drove most of the roads where the race takes place a few days ago, and they are totally stroller friendly! I will NOT be shooing for a 22:42 finish like I did 2 years ago... I'll just be looking to have a fun first race with Henry! I might make it a point to get a photo of him at each mile marker... :)

This race is free for MDRA members, and since we have a family membership, Henry should get his own race number because he's technically an MDRA member! I'm sssooooooooooooo excited for this!!

So I'll be back with a report by Monday! In the meantime, check my twitter feed and / or my Twitpics (also embedded on the right side of my blog) to see updates and photos after the race! Happy weekend!


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