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>> Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ONE: First Bike Ride of 2012!

On Sunday, Pharmie and I BOTH got in our first rides of the year! In the morning, it was already 50+ degrees, so she geared up and headed out for about 25 miles:

Pharmie grabbed the camera from me and took a photo of what SHE saw as she was about to start her ride:

We call this Henry's "fat face"

A few hours later, she took Henry to a baby shower for her sister, and I took off for a ride. I headed into the wind down the Greenway Trail for over 11 miles and then turned around. I hit the turn-around with a kinda sad 17.6 mph average. But then, with the wind at my back, I soon got my average up to 19.0 mph. For having only been on my trainer twice this winter (and those were both in the last 2 weeks), and for my last outdoor ride being in August of last year, I really can't complain about that! I finished with nearly 23 miles under my belt and a near 19.0 mph average (I got a little slowed-up on side streets on my way home).

TWO: Henry's Third Swim Lesson.

Hamming it up with Dad pre-swim

He loves this basketball

He LOVED having Momma pull him through the water! I adore that face!

My 2 favorite people

Showering off with Dad post-swim

We fully dunked him for the 2nd and 3rd time! He was shocked like he was last week when I did it the first time, but he didn't really seem to mind!

THREE: I Ate This. (And It Was Delicious.)

From bottom to top: whole-wheat Eggo waffle, syrup, 2 eggs scrambled and cooked in the microwave, a slice of cheese, a soy sausage patty, another slice of cheese, another soy sausage patty, and a blueberry Eggo waffle. It's like a poor-mans McGriddle. It was good when it was my mouth.

FOUR: More On Our Appearance On The "Triathlete Magazine" Website:

If you missed Saturday's post, scroll down 2 posts or CLICK HERE to read about an interview that landed Pharmie, me, and HENRY on the Triathlete Magazine website! So fun! Its posting on the Triathlete Magazine Facebook page got a lot of "likes" and a few "shares:"

And later on Saturday, the story was re-published by Minnesota Tri News:

So if you missed it, CLICK HERE to read more and to find a link to the article.

FIVE: Today Is My Birthday:

... and I just posted this on Facebook:

I'm sassy. ;)


TriMOEngr 8:25 AM, March 13, 2012  

Happy birthday! Thanks for giving us all the present of your cute baby boy pics! And that e-card at the end is PERFECT! Hilarious! This weather has definitely been biker-friendly (minus some wind).

PWickman 8:28 AM, March 13, 2012  

Happy birthday, Steve. Thanks for all the enjoyable posts, they are a pleasure to read.

spartygrl13 9:07 AM, March 13, 2012  

holy crap, today is also MY birthday!! happy birthday to you!!

Leigh 9:13 AM, March 13, 2012  

Happy birthday to you! Here's to another year of you being hilarious! :)

Andrew 9:48 AM, March 13, 2012  

Well Happy Birthday Steve! Enjoy your day!

Michael 9:52 AM, March 13, 2012  

Happy Birthday buddy...have a wonderful day !

Kristin,  11:56 AM, March 13, 2012  

Happy birthday!

The Evil Twin 3:23 PM, March 13, 2012  

I may steal the birthday picture in two days on my birthday :)

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