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>> Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wait... is this real?

That's a strange poster from Rev3, right? I'm not the only one who thinks 2 kids running with a skeleton wearing a finisher's medal with an a-bomb going off in the background is a bit weird.... am I? It's giving off a "Terminator 2" vibe. And not in a good way.

I LIKE Rev3 - I've never done any of their races, but Pharmie had a great time when she raced Rev3 Cedar Point in 2010 (just before I knocked her up). And we're thinking about doing Rev3 Wisconsin Dells later this summer.

But that's a weird "2012" ad, right?


Jamie 8:00 AM, March 15, 2012  

Absolutly. A little creepy and I stared at it cockeyed for a while, but when I remembered my taste for off color dark humor, I decided it was awesome.

Plus, I'm always down for poking fun at crazies who plan their year based on the impending apocalypse.

Meredith 8:07 AM, March 15, 2012  

And their shirts were awful last year too. But, they did glow in the dark.

Unknown 8:24 AM, March 15, 2012  

I do enjoy the two skeletons laying on the ground in the background. I don't think that gives the wholesome family image Rev3 would be looking for...

Carolina John 8:31 AM, March 15, 2012  

Wow that is creepy! haha

Erin 8:49 AM, March 15, 2012  

I think it's awesome. To each their own, I guess :)

Jeremy Reichenberger 8:50 AM, March 15, 2012  

Definitely creepy. But I think it's creepy/odd enough that it's awesome. Sorta like when something is so ugly it's cute.

Unknown 8:52 AM, March 15, 2012  

It makes me think I need to buy a shack in Montana and begin prepping for the end of the world!

Definitely am feeling the "Terminator" vibe - good call. The skeleton has the whole original Terminator movie going on but then you put the kids on the poster and it jumps on over to Terminator 2 - the kid on the right is John Connor!

Then when you notice the Nuke in the background and the two other dead skeletons in the water we reach the level of totally Creepy!

Maggs 8:58 AM, March 15, 2012  

OMG. They need to rethink this marketing strategy. I personally think any marketing done with a a bomb is wrong. But right now with Japan just having the 1 year anniversary of the Tsunami and still barely recovering and then the recent US shooting in Afghanistan it really sends an odd message. I'm probably overthinking it because I just finished a class on how we interpret things during was, but at a minimum it's creepy.

GoBigGreen 10:04 AM, March 15, 2012  

ya not sure i see the family fun in that poster

Tim 10:07 AM, March 15, 2012  

I love it. We are to serious about things. How is a picture "creepy"? Is a cartoon that shows Tom from Tom and Jerry being sliced into a bunch of tiny squares after running through a screen door "creepy" or just funny?

I say skeletons are cool

LittleRachet 10:09 AM, March 15, 2012  

Even with the world coming to an end, and you as a skeleton, WTC wouldn't let you cross the finish line with your family! Rev3 will!!!

Unknown 11:07 AM, March 15, 2012  

Rachet gets best comment of the day!!

But you noticed it, right?
and you did a blog post about it, right?

creepy or not, it got your attention!

I saw if the world is ending, let me go out doing a tri with some bling and my daughter!! lol

JC 11:14 AM, March 15, 2012  

Totally creepy ad. But I hear the races are pretty AWESOME!

TriEric 4:16 PM, March 15, 2012  

When I first saw it I thought pretty odd advertisement. Still not sold on it but I am racing at Cedar Point again this year.

Chloe 6:12 PM, March 15, 2012  

I think it ROCKS! Have to give points for creativity!

George Houston 7:40 PM, March 15, 2012  

Agreed. It's just weird. But I wonder if they did it for that shock factor. You know, make something crazy so people will remember it or talk about it.

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