Friday Funny 289: I Wish I Were a Cockatoo

>> Friday, March 02, 2012

I've never really wanted to be a bird before. Then I saw this:


Carolina John 8:02 AM, March 02, 2012  

Total Immersion! Love it.

Unknown 8:18 AM, March 02, 2012  

He'll make a good Easter treat.

Coy Martinez 9:12 AM, March 02, 2012  

With each picture I kept saying "no!" . HAHAHAHA! That's nuts!

B. Kramer 10:33 AM, March 02, 2012  

Ozzie Osbourne wishes he'd have thought of this idea before he bit the head off a dove and a bat. Cheers!

Maggie 7:24 PM, March 02, 2012  

DYINNGGG!! I have been sitting here scrolling down the photos for the past 5minutes or so just cracking up!!

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