Friday Funny 302: The Shorts Have a Name

>> Friday, March 30, 2012

I've posted about my new pink plaid shorts for 3 Fridays in a row now. First to show you what I had ordered. Second to ask you to vote on your favorite name for them. And now to GIVE you that name.

The poll is now closed. The two front-runners were always "Pinky and the Brain" and "Groundskeeper Willy." Frankly, I liked the slight double entendre that both of them had to offer.

After 187 votes were cast, the winner by a hair is Xenia suggestion of "Pinky and the Brain"

So there you have it. Look for the "Pinky and the Brain" shorts to make their public (and quite possibly humiliating) debut in the next few months.

If you stopped by for something more funny than that, you should see this linked video. It features cutie (and Triathlete Mag "swimsuit issue" model) Lesley Paterson in a video called "Sh*t Triathletes DON'T Say." Hit up that link. It's pretty funny. And pretty true.


Unknown 11:47 AM, March 30, 2012  

Nice job, Xenia! I'm looking forward to the Pinky pictures. I also like that the Groundskeeper Willy votes ended at 26.2 percent... coincidence? I think not!

C 12:01 PM, March 30, 2012  

VICTORY! I will forever treasure the honor of naming your shorts.

XLMIC 2:36 PM, March 30, 2012  

I am beyond bummed that I cannot see the pictures :(

XLMIC 2:38 PM, March 30, 2012  

OMG!!!!hahahhaah! once i went to the 'home page', those suckers just POPPED right up! Those are smokin'. I am going to see if they make them for women in a booty short length.

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