A Few Recent Henry Pics

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Henry had his "well child" 9 month check-up 2 weeks ago. Here are 4 pics from the doctor's office:

With Momma

"Whoa... I see people down there!..."


With Daddy

Henry and I played in the little hammock in our backyard after the Human Race 8K about 10 days ago:

Here's Henry "dressed up" for St. Patrick's Day:

Well, he's 1/8 Irish, so that still counts... right? ;)

Momma snapped a photo of Henry and I hanging out one morning before she headed to work:

Before the race this past weekend, we had Henry's 5th swim lesson. Here he is with Momma before hitting the pool:

Finally, after Henry and I raced the Lake Johanna 4 Mile on Saturday, we all played at the park for nearly an hour before heading home. It was Henry's first time in a swing. He LOVED it!!

Swinging with Daddy!

After sliding with Momma!


Down the slide with his tongue out!

STANDING in his crib for the first time later that afternoon!
He's learned to pull himself up!! CRAP!!


TriMOEngr 8:18 AM, March 28, 2012  

You know I love me some awesome Henry pics! Time to lower that mattress dad. Before you know it, he'll be trying to swing a leg over and then one afternoon during nap time (when he should be sleeping), you'll hear a big THUD! LOL He is just all kinds of sweetness. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah 8:31 AM, March 28, 2012  

Such a cutie! Looks like its time to drop the crib mattress down... he'll be climbing everywhere before you know it!

Lisa S 8:02 PM, March 28, 2012  

I follow this blog for two reasons: 1) Henry and 2) Henry. :-)

Lisa S 8:03 PM, March 28, 2012  

I follow this blog for two reasons: 1) Henry and 2) Henry. :-)

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