My Feet = Gross

>> Thursday, March 29, 2012

I've been meaning to post this for the last 10 days. But I've always had too much food in my stomach to deal with it, so I've put it off.

At the hot Human Race 8K 10 days ago, my right foot got pretty beat up. I remember commenting to Henry's sitter once I picked him up that I hadn't taken off my running shoes yet because "it ain't gonna be purdy."

When I finally took off my shoes that night, I found this:

There are a lot of callouses in that photo, but in case you can't see the 2 nasty blisters I'm talking about, let me highlight them for you:

The one on the bottom of my foot was your basic run-of-the-mill blister. No biggie. But the one under my big toe was squishy, sore, nasty, and gross. Here I am playing with it to show you how gooey it was:


1. It was really squishy. I really wanted to pop it, but my wife convinced me to "let it run it's course."

2. Dear Lord. My toe hairs are long enough to braid. Maybe I can donate them to Locks of Love.

3. Yes, that's my wife standing in the background as I'm taking photos of my nasty feet. We have an "understanding." God bless her.

A few quick links (completely unrelated to the carnage above):

- If you haven't voted with your favorite name for my new pink shorts, click here and cast your vote! You have until the end of the day.

- There's a free "Triathlon 101" clinic this weekend in the Metro (and there are more coming up in surrounding communities as well). Click here to learn more. LOTS of giveaways and swag as this event too! Tell your friends who are interested in trying a tri!

- USA Track and Field MN just announced their "Ultimate Runner" series for 2012. Click here to learn about the races in this series (all distances and all surfaces too).

- If you're a local, "like" my "St. Paul Triathlon Examiner" Facebook page to get up-to-date tri-related stories on Facebook (they just appear on your FB "home page" along with your other friends' posts).


Michelle 6:31 AM, March 29, 2012  

Yes, really, the toe hairs ARE more disturbing than the blisters!

Anonymous,  7:30 AM, March 29, 2012  

My first thought of the toe hairs is that you might be a Hobbit:)

Unknown 8:04 AM, March 29, 2012  

Ew. :) I think you should call her "St. Pharmie" from now on.

Steve Stenzel 9:07 AM, March 29, 2012  

"St. Pharmie" indeed! Ha! :)

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