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>> Monday, April 11, 2011

I FINALLY feel like I'm starting to get back into a bit of a rhythm. My heel is far from 100%, but it's been letting me build up some endurance. After a lack-luster March, the first 10 days of April looked like this:

Lets go sport-by-sport.


Yes, only 2 swims over those 10 days. That's not great. I had a (slow) tempo solo-swim on the 6th, and then a good butt-kicking swim with Julia on the 8th. I did 3,100 with Julia, and around 1,100 of that was pulling! Here's Julia and I post-swim:


I'm REALLY happy with my biking over the last 10 days! The first 10 day of April contained my first 3 outdoor rides!

- The first ride was my favorite 15.5 mile loop that I posted about last Monday.
- The second ride was a LONG ride (for me, for this time of year) of 34 miles on Friday.
- The third ride was that same 15.5 mile loop, only I did some intervals.

On Friday, I wanted to go long. So I just wandered around St. Paul and nearby suburbs. I crossed the Mississippi on I35. The flooding was CRAZY. Here's the yacht club under water from the bridge:


Riding one-handed while going uphill across a high bridge with a strong side-wind while taking a photo? Yeah, maybe I won't do that again...

Then I hit the Big River Trail. Here's more flooding - I USUALLY like to ride down that road that goes under the RR bridge:

Before continuing down the trail

Ice and snow on the trail under the 494 bridge - I had to dismount to cross

Still snow along Big River Trail, but I was in shorts

So I made it all the way to Pilot Knob and 494 before turning around and heading back. I crossed through downtown St. Paul, and worked my way over to the start of the Gateway Trail (just to make sure the trail had survived the winter). I rode only to mile 1, and then turned around:

BONK TIME!!! I turned into a slight (oh so slight) wind, and I realized I was done. I was slightly overdoing it for this time of year. I was running out of water (I started with nearly 70 oz - yes SEVENTY OUNCES - and apparently that only lasts me about 30 miles), I had already ate the 2 gels I had brought, and I was going to bonk with 7 miles left. Oops.

It was a good ass-kicking. I needed that. I ended up logging 34.22 miles that looked like this:

Notice the little A, B, C, D, and E on that map? Those correspond with these averages:

- A: Downhill for a few miles, then up over the bridge, then down along the river: 18.7 mph average

- B: Long, gentle uphill, crossed icy lump (seen in the photo), and uphill to my turn-around at Pilot Knob Rd (far southern point): 18.0 mph average

- C: Down gentle downhill, up steep hill, across bridge, and down Shepard Trail to Downtown St. Paul: 18.3 mph average

- D: Realizing I'm bonking at the northern most part of the ride, after a lot of street riding: 17.8 mph average

- E: More street riding after serious bonk, up the hill by the Cathedral: 17.3 mph average

- Down Summit Ave to home: 17.2 mph average for the 34.22 mile ride. Ouch. Ego blow. But a necessary one.

Kermit (my cat) licked the salt off my arm once I got home:

Arm hair styled by Kermit

I didn't know the best way to handle that major bonk. So I had a recovery drink with 5 grams of protein, and then I had a big protein shake with 58 grams of protein. That was a lot of protein. But I think it did the trick.

Then yesterday, I did some short intervals on a 15.5 mile ride. When I started out, my legs felt GREAT, so I think all the protein 2 days before had helped! I warmed up for a few minutes, and then did 5 x 3:00 intervals with 3:00 of easy-to-moderate spinning between. I tried to keep track of what I did:

- 0.97 miles (into the wind).
- 1.08 miles (ending on better roads).
- 1.13 miles (lots of technical turns going under 35 at high speeds).
- 1.20 miles (starting at the bottom of the hill just before Randolf, ending just past Smith Bridge with a long, slow downhill).
- 0.63 miles (starting by Smith, ending about 0:40 past the top of Ramsey Hill).

That means I averaged 24 mph during my "farthest" interval, and I averaged under 13 mph during my "shortest" interval (over half that interval was going up a steep hill in my granny gear).

I REALLY liked this workout! I snapped a photo once I got into the house when I was all sweaty:

Just after I took this photo, some sweat dripped into both of my eyes. Suck-tastic. But it was GREAT to be sweaty in short sleeves and bike shorts!!!

So 65 miles on the bike in just over a week is nice for me (and for this time of the year). I need to keep that up for a few weeks!


Yes, all these runs were pretty short. But I'm trying to build my heel back up so I'm ready to go for multi-sport season. I'm using the exercises and tips (that I wrote about in my last post) from my new PT.

Tuesday was a 5 miler, and that was my longest run since my half marathon at the end of January. It was a "test," and my heel held up! (It was a pretty easy pace.)

And Saturday (between my long ride on Friday and my interval ride on Sunday), I "tested" my heel with a little speed. I warmed up for 1.5 miles, and then I did the next 3 miles in 19:00!! (6:30, 6:24, and 6:04.) I did NOT go "all out," but I just tried to keep it strong and hold good form.

And then my cats got cozy with my stanky shoes post-run:

So, bottom line, these numbers aren't that impressive, but I'm just happy to be doing this much coming off my injury:

(Oh, and notice Friday was my first 2-a-day in 5 months!!)

I'm FAR from 100%, but with smart decisions, I know I can work my way back up. Step-by-step. Here's to an injury-free spring and summer!!

OK, now back to my PT exercises from my last post..... ;)


LB 12:12 PM, April 11, 2011  

glad your heel is getting better, you'll be back to normal in no long as you keep up your PT, now go put on your leotard and do some suzanne somers donkey kicks!

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