>> Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well, Matt and I are off to the Cannon Falls Duathlon. Yesterday, Matt came over and we "sexified" our bikes in my driveway:

And by "sexified," I mean "cleaned"

Ready to head to the race

Matt and I talked about the race. We're both unsure as to how it will go for us, but we're both just ready to try racing HARD and see what happens.

If you remember my post from Wednesday night, you'll remember that I (stupidly) challenged Julie Hull to a race today. I just BARELY beat her last year at this race. I am SOOOO going down.

I could give my reasons (excuses) as to why I'm not in as good of shape this year, or I could just go run hard, bike hard, and run as hard as I can and see what happens. My endurance isn't where I'd like it to be, but I've found that I still do have SOME speed. So the question is WHEN during the race today will I hit that line when my little endurance runs out?

Oh, here's a fun side-story (that I posted about back in Nov): In November, Julie raced IM AZ, and I was watching the race unfold on IronmanLive. Everyone watching was treated to the sight of Julie finishing with cartwheel after cartwheel as she came down the finisher's chute! And then, she was greeted with a hug from THEE Chrissie Wellington (who had just set an IM World Record [which she has since broken] just after having to DNS at Kona):

Photos from Kerry Yndestad of YndeCam

None of this is an excuse. I'm going to race my little heart out, hope that she doesn't pass me too soon on the bike, and then try to rope her in on the run. If I were a betting man, I'd bet against me. But I'm not giving in.

Soooooo yeeeaaahhhhhhhh.... that Kona-qualified chick (yeah, she Kona qualified with those cartwheels) is going to own me today. But being I LOVE friendly competition, this is still going to be a BLAST! (And Julie is one of the "smiliest" competitors out there, so I know she'll have fun with this too!)

Check back for maybe a quick photo or 2 tonight or tomorrow, and then for the full report on Monday! Happy weekend!


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 7:30 AM, April 30, 2011  

I love the competitive edge!

Even if she does pass you, you can take a second shot at her by outdoing her finish crossing with something better. Maybe a triple back flip?!

Carolina John 9:02 PM, April 30, 2011  

Have a great race! sounds like tons of fun.

Jim Smith II 7:22 AM, May 01, 2011  

Yes, but will she be wearing "Tutti Fruttis"? I think not! So she'll smoke you, but won't look quite as good doing it... ;-)

Have a great race!

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