Friday Funny 174: How to Get Your City to Notice Potholes

>> Friday, April 08, 2011



Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 7:30 AM, April 08, 2011  

Speaking of potholes...It's going to be a rough ride in MN this summer. Ughhhhhhh

The Triathlon Rx 7:32 AM, April 08, 2011  

Awesome. I'm about out head out on my bike and now do I not only need to worry about potholes big enough to eat a dingo but LAVA too?! ;)

For the record, I did not skip spanish to ride yesterday - attendance actually matters in that class >=/

Ellen 10:19 AM, April 08, 2011  

FYI - It's pothole season. Remember, it's not your fault, it's asphalt.

bethtrue 3:47 PM, April 08, 2011  

ok that is brilliant! Love it!

LB 3:56 PM, April 08, 2011  

haha, thats awesome!!! it must have been statewide paving week this week in NC, difficult to find a place to ride that didnt have hot, fresh (and messy) asphalt!

Maggs 4:20 PM, April 08, 2011  

awesome. I wonder if that would work in Hawaii? I think those lava pics are from here.

Beth 6:43 PM, April 09, 2011  

bwahahaha, that is awesome!

Peggy Archer 11:14 PM, April 09, 2011  

That's awesome. I'll have to use that one here in Los Angeles.

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