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>> Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday was my second visit with Lindsey, my running PT.

At the end of our first visit, she said she wanted to show my running video to some of her colleagues to get some more input, but I didn't really know if she'd do that. So I was quite happy when she started my appt on Monday with "So I showed your video to someone else here, and we found something new...."

Guess what? I'm an overpronater AND an underpronater. ON THE SAME FOOT!

We looked at the video of me running again, and in SUPER slow-mo, it was easy to see that my left ankle tips WAY OUT when my foot lands, but then it tips WAY IN when I push off my foot. It's like there's a horizontal pin through my ankle (left-to-right) that is SHOOTING back-and-forth with each stride.

Or vice-versa... I don't remember...
Wait, actually I think it IS the other way around....


I've always had issues with my left leg: knee and heel issues in HS; IT and knee issues during IM training 4 years ago; heel issues starting up again 3 years ago; and now heel issues again. And it's because I'm just not structurally sound!

Lindsey basically gave me these points:

1. Keep doing the PT exercises I posted about this past weekend. Strengthening these little muscles WILL help keep things in place how they should be.

2. Get a good stability shoe. My Brooks Adrenaline's a stable / cushion shoe, and I could lean more towards stability.

3. Tighten my running shoes, and lace them up "higher." I used to use the holes that were more "forward" around the tongue of my shoe, but I switched now to the holes closer to my ankle so they hug my feet even more:

This might sound funny (but it will make total sense to many of you), but I was HAPPY to hear that I was NOT structurally sound. I've been fighting with injuries for years (all on my left side), and I always thought I was doing something wrong, even though I've been getting smarter and smarter each year. To know that my body just isn't strong enough in the right places to keep everything in place was FINALLY the answer I was looking for.

Now, if I can strengthen everything that needs to be strengthened, then I should be good.... right?


Benjamin 6:54 AM, April 14, 2011  

For a snugger fit around your heel, you can also try this kind of lacing:

Did your PT tell you something about the difference between "underpronation" and "suppination"? Is there even a difference?

Ironmom (Julie) 9:56 AM, April 14, 2011  

I know just what you mean. HOORAY for a diagnosis!

SteveQ 10:22 AM, April 14, 2011  

I pronate with one foot and supinate with the other, meaning I have one leg shorter than the other, I think. I just let the shoes wear down to match my feet; getting new shoes is when I get injured.

Loubrownguy,  10:48 AM, April 14, 2011  

Steve, has anyone suggested orthotics to you? I had foot and knee tracking issues for quite some time, then I was fitted for orthotics and those issues are gone. My chiropractor helped me find the right stuff for me.

Take care,

LB 2:30 PM, April 14, 2011  

i never knew that was possible...go figure.

Dr. TriRunner 3:35 PM, April 14, 2011  

It definitely feels good to have a legit diagnosis vs always thinking "why do I keep getting injured?" "why does this always hurt?" So YAY for that.

And a 2nd YAY for over/under pronating doesn't really do anything on a bike, so the second this gross weather passes lets get out for a ride, OK?! :)

Angela's Kitchen 4:59 PM, April 14, 2011  
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Jumper 2.0 5:40 PM, April 14, 2011  

We all knew that you weren't structurally sound! ;-)

SSB 6:30 PM, April 14, 2011  

my right side is that way, i have high arches and pronate in.

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction 7:54 PM, April 15, 2011  

So interesting..I'm having all my problems on the left side too. I go to PT but they never took a pic of me running! I use the adrenalines also...going to try that shoe lace thingy!

Spanky 12:59 PM, April 16, 2011  

Interesting I have been going through some similar things with respec to not running. Patella issues and knee issues. Found out my shoes were for a pronator. I am actually a Supinator. Switched to a neutral shoe and hoping to slowly get back to running here too.

I don't pivot like you on your ankle but my Gt-2160 shoes have nothing but wear on the outside edge. Part of what is contributing to my patella tendonitis. Also a weak core.

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