First Outdoor Ride of 2011!

>> Monday, April 04, 2011

I was gearing up for another trainer ride on Saturday. I was driving home from grading projects at school, and my car said it was 52 degrees.

"Screw the trainer - I'm heading OUTSIDE!!"

So I got dressed and got all ready to go. I always slightly overdress for my first outdoor ride of the year, but I did pretty good on Saturday. I wore tights over my bike shorts, a thin long-sleeve shirt under a normal jersey, and a thin hat under my helmet.

Ella "helped" me stretch for a moment:

Thanks Ella. Big help.

Taking the "sweat thong" off my bike!

Ready to go!

Enjoying the new trail along Shepard (between Hwy 5 and 35E).

More of the new trail.

I didn't go TOO hard, but I wasn't just going easy either. Around 7 miles into this 15-16 mile loop, I was averaging 19.5 mph. That was OK. I got to the end of the trail (where it was CLOSED due to potential flooding along the Mississippi) and worked my way uphill. I was happy that I WAS able to stay seated going up Ramsey Hill for the first time in 2011, but I DID have that slight taste of blood in the back of my throat once I neared the top of the hill. Lots of hard breathing. Lots of leg-burning.

By the time I hit Summit Ave, my average had dropped to 18.5 mph. Again, not going all out, but not taking it easy either. I hit most of the stoplights along Summit along with this biker, who I chatted with a bit and followed home:

Post-ride. What?... No... that's not a Christmas wreath back there...

My other cat Kermit "helping" me stretch post-ride.

Under 4 weeks away to the first multi-sport race of the year!! Time to get out on my bike MORE OFTEN!!!


Matt Ellenberger 11:14 AM, April 04, 2011  

Don't look now, its snowing again

I RUN LIKE A GIRL 12:54 PM, April 04, 2011  

Great ride! I need to get on my bike, too - but it's been hard with the weather/cold/rain, etc. I'm so over winter!

1) I've never seen the "sweat thong" before - and it's awesome!
2) I love the christmas wreath, I mean...the greenery in the background :-)

Luke 12:59 PM, April 04, 2011  

Gotta love the first outside ride. Sorry that you live somewhere you have to wait this long to have it!

Tiffa 1:17 PM, April 04, 2011  

Awesome that you got to ride outside! It's finally nice enough here to bike outside too and I end up sick, so that pretty much sucks! But hopefully in the next few days and I just cannot wait!

Jennifer 4:20 PM, April 04, 2011  

Only a hardcore triathlete blogger and his readers could endure the sentence, "I DID have that slight taste of blood in the back of my throat" without incident. Nice.

Jamie 5:54 PM, April 04, 2011  

What the heck is that sweat thong thing? Please explain this to me. I am overly confused.
Awesome you finally got to get out there and ride! I really have no choice in the winter (which in my case is at its lowest in the 50's) to ride, it's the only way to get to school.

Joel 8:36 PM, April 04, 2011  

I'll never understand how you northeners can ride in artic temps like 52 degrees! :-) My ride on Saturday was 85 degrees (not rubbing it in or anything).

Sweat thong. New name, but oh so descriptive. At least it was the bike wearing it, not you. That mental image would be burned forever on your readers' brains.

Beth 2:21 AM, April 05, 2011  

Nice that you made it outside! I've decided that 60 degrees is my magic number to go out. Until then I'm still in the basement. Hope that comes soon!

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