Matt and I are Sweaty Beasts

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

A week ago, I posted about some great workouts I had over the previous week. Trying to be smart, I KNEW this past week would be a little "scaled-back" in order to let my heel rest a bit. (Even though we're now under 2 weeks from the first duathlon of the year! YIKES!!)

So this past week, I did NO swim, bike, or run on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, I did my first successful outdoor run in about a month! I worked on keeping my cadence high so I didn't heel-strike as much, and I did over 5 miles in about 37 minutes. I didn't try to push the pace TOO much, but I still worked my way down to a 6:40 mile as my last mile down Summit Avenue. My heel felt OK!

Thursday I hit the pool for some kick-drills followed by 4 x 500. My 500s were all within 6 seconds of each other: 7:55, 7:52, 7:58, and 7:57. Those aren't great times, I know. But it was still a good swim for me!

Friday, Matt came over and we hit the trainer hard. We did 90 minutes with Coach Troy yelling at us. Here's a peek into our workout:

That sequence isn't as impressive as I thought it'd be, but the change from first to last is still kinda funny:

I go from "fine," to "sweaty head," to "Lord, just take me now."

And Matt goes from "zipped up," to "unzipped," to "unzipped with water bottle in hand."


We made a mess off the floor between our bikes over those 90 minutes:

Matt's "sweat pool" is always bigger than mine. And I actually spilled a little water, so mine was cheating. (But I spilled the water to the left of my bike, so you can't see it in that photo.)

The whole time we spun, my lazy-ass cats were enjoying a nap by the fire:

What a life.

I did an easy run at the Y a few hours after that hard trainer workout, and my heel was OK. Then it was time to ease off for the weekend.

12 days until the Cannon Falls Duathlon!!! Matt and I are both racing it!!

Oh, and in "giveaway" news, I have 2 quick things to mention: First, I announced the winners of the TYR swim / transition bags in my last post, so check it out to make sure one of the 5 winners isn't YOU! And second, there will be a NEW giveaway tomorrow, so stop back to check it out!!


Stacie 10:59 AM, April 18, 2011  

I am a very sweaty beast when I work out. So proud to gross out the rest of my friends whenever we run/workout together.
Love your lazy ass cats :)

Chic Runner 11:48 AM, April 18, 2011  

These are probably my favorite posts of yours. HAHA they crack me up every time!

LB 1:16 PM, April 18, 2011  

oh my, you guys are sweaty beasts!!! i love to see a puddle of sweat on the floor, i feel like ive accomplished SO much!!! great run too!!!!

Dr. TriRunner 4:38 PM, April 18, 2011  

"Matt!! Get off those hoods!!" ;)

You and I will have to compare race schedules soon - I want to know if/when I'll run into you!

Pretend this is real 10:38 PM, April 18, 2011  

Yup... sweaty messes, the both of ya. Always fun.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 8:50 PM, April 21, 2011  

Glad to hear the heel is feeling better.

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