Giveaway Winner and New Product Announcement

>> Friday, January 21, 2011

In yesterday's post, I asked people to guess what this new product was. I put up the following 2 photos, only I blurred out the name brand and other info that would give the product away. So here's the un-blurred version of those 2 images:

So in yesterday's post, many people guessed Nuun, and that's not far off. (The "best" incorrect answer was from buddy Marie who guessed "Body Glide Burstable Bubbles of Lubrication." I WISH!) This new product is GU's version of Nuun. I tried it once during my intervals at the Dome 3 days ago. I can't really "review" it yet, because I don't have a great sense of how well it worked. But I liked it and it didn't upset my stomach, so that's good!


Well, Kirsten from Canada was the first to guess correctly that they were GU Electrolyte Tablets. I contacted her, and she wrote this back to me:

Hopefully my Canadian-ness doesn't disqualify me. If it does, I'll just drink a mug of maple remind myself about what being Canadian is all about.

Awesome. You have just reaffirmed every stereotype of Canadians I have, so thanks, eh. ;)

So look for GU Electrolyte Tablets in stores in March of 2011! And stop back shortly for a great "Friday Funny" about me and my cat...


JenniferLeah 4:09 AM, January 21, 2011  

I was pretty sure it was something from Kovas...
interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about the new GU

GeorgiaSnail 7:21 AM, January 21, 2011  

There's an idea...maple syrup flaovered GU...

Dan Isaacs 8:05 AM, January 21, 2011  

No way is she Canadian. She put a "u" in about.

k 8:12 AM, January 21, 2011  

Can I redeem myself by putting "u"s in flavour and colour and by spelling it "cheque" instead of "check" (not that anyone writes many cheques these days)?

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