Friday Funny 154: Proper Urinal Etiquette

>> Friday, January 28, 2011

....well, now I know what I've been doing wrong.

Tomorrow is the Securian Run - I'm doing the half marathon, and Pharmie's doing the 10K. Because it's NOT an "A-Race," I'm thinking about running with my camera and taking video like I did last year. We'll see.

Oh, and there will NOT be a race report up on Monday. That will have to wait until Tuesday. There will be something much better for Monday..... ;)


Lora Abernathy 5:32 PM, January 28, 2011  

That's hilarious! Good luck manana!

Christi 7:04 PM, January 28, 2011  

Good luck Steve and Pharmie!

Kevin 7:22 PM, January 28, 2011  

Too funny. Good luck

Ah Ah Alaska 3:55 PM, January 29, 2011  

Good luck in your half, Steve (I feel SO bad about your cold spell--it's 32 here, and people are wearing shorts, hee, hee).
Here's a question: What is the floor surface of the Metrodome? It looks like concrete in your pics. Is it? And wouldn't that kill your legs?
Thanks so much (just curious, for some odd reason).

Ryan 7:21 PM, January 29, 2011  

If you are a competitive person I think being a "peeker" at the urinal is OK. If I'm bigger you are going to know... if not, I flush and walk away!

SteveQ 12:27 PM, January 30, 2011  

I saw Pharmie at the race, so i know what's coming Monday.


SteveQ 1:22 PM, January 30, 2011  

Oh and congrats on the 1:15, too!

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