First Day of "Dome Running" Since the Roof Collapse

>> Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pharmie and I headed to the Dome for some indoor running last night. It was the first time it was opened to the public for running since the roof collapsed, so we HAD to go gawk at it.

Here are a few photos I took:

Plywood all over so construction crews can drive on the field,
and the speakers hanging low that are usually WAY up high.

More plywood and speakers.

At the end of the "Dome Running season" last year, I took this photo that shows my normal starting point for intervals, and you can see into and across the stadium:

That same set of doors today looked like this:

And, not that you've already seen plenty of footage of this, here's a quick video I took:

Direct link:

Weird. And, believe it or not, it was actually HOT in the concourse! I heard someone say 85 degrees, but I don't think it was that warm. They were keeping everything EXTRA warm so nothing froze with the giant hole in the roof.

Anyway, we were actually there to run, so it was time for a workout. But I ran into SO many acquaintances, that I'm surprised I had any time to run! I ran into these people (in order of appearance): Rick, Peter, Jen, Steve Q, Matt, Katie, Brian, Ann, Ron, Stephanie, Regina, Jenna, Chris, Haley, Mark, Dave, and Kirt. (Oh jeez, I'm hope I'm not missing anyone!!...) How did I find time to ACTUALLY run while chatting with so many people?!? I love it!

(Oh, and there was a guy who looked like a coach who was "wheeling off" the inside loop at the Dome. I asked him what he got, and he said it was 605 meters. I've always judged it at around 602, so I've been close.)

Workout: 3 x 1815 meters (3 laps) with 1:45 rest between.

- 2:08, 2:06, 2:05 = 6:19 (5:35 / mile pace)
- 2:04, 2:07, 2:03 = 6:14 (5:31 / mile pace)
- 2:03, 2:05, 2:04 = 6:12 (5:29 / mile pace)

Not too shabby considering I'm still trying to fight off a cold. After each interval, the back of my throat was SO DRY that I couldn't swallow. If I tried, it felt like my spit was a porcupine, and my throat was sandpaper, and the porcupine was shitting hypodermic needles as it was being swallowed. Really.

And I THINK this was the most I've ever ran in the Dome before. I've done more intervals in the past, but last night, including WU and CD, I logged almost 6.5 miles. That's a lot for me on that hard, hard surface - I've been upping my mileage slowly but surely over the last few months. (More on my last few weeks of training in an upcoming post - maybe this weekend.)

Then Steve Q had a present for Pharmie and I. Once I got it home and pulled it out of my bag, it looked like this:

When I opened it up, I FOUND FUDGE!!!!!!!!


2 quick things:

#1. Pharmie and I are signed up for the Securian Winter Run (as part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival) in 10 days! I'm doing the half marathon and she's doing the 10K. It'll be my 4th year in a row! (It was my first half marathon back in 2008!)

#2. I've got a random, small, impromptu giveaway happening tomorrow. Check back around 7 am for your best shot at winning...

Happy training!


Xenia 7:03 AM, January 19, 2011  

Ah, how nice of Steve Q. Knowing him the fudge was laced with something though. Probably roofies.


SteveQ 10:23 AM, January 19, 2011  

That'd be collapsed-roofies.

Pretend this is real 1:22 PM, January 19, 2011  

I'm gonna say it... that first picture doesn't look like fudge. Not sure I would have opened the bag.

k 10:08 AM, January 20, 2011  

That's kind of crazy (the roof)...

Shana 1:10 PM, January 21, 2011  


I'm also signed up for the half marathon. My first race in 6 years. I think I was ready a couple of weeks ago but my training has been slacking since ...

See you there!

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