ART and Another Run!

>> Friday, June 06, 2008

Well folks, I had an appointment with Dr. Folske yesterday for some ART (active release therapy). He told me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. And then he dug into my hammy and heel. He would bend part of my body in one direction (let’s say my foot), then press his fingers along that muscle or tendon, and then force that body part in the other direction so the muscle moves across his dug-in fingers. Yummers.

It wasn’t too painful, except for a few moments. Those moments snuck up on me during our conversation: “ when I was on the 17.5 mile RUN, MY HEEL STARTED flaring up around mile 10...” Yes, the loud talking indicates a sudden and unexpected jump in pain while the doc was doing his thang. But that really only happened twice.

All-in-all, I believed nearly everything Dr. Folske was saying and recommending. One of the most interesting thoughts of the day was when he told me that stretching my heel was the worst thing I could be doing. He said that tendons can HARDLY stretch, so when I hold a good, long stretch for my heel, I’m just making the sore tendon flare up. Makes sense. He gave me 3 “stretches” to do instead (they’re like stretches, but not exactly). I’m also done icing (which I was doing religiously before). Now I’m working with heat to get more blood flowing to those parts (it’d be great if my crotch was broken because I know of a few good ways to get the blood flowing to “those parts,” but I digress).

He also told me to go on a 4 mile run today. He thought by doing 24 hours of his exercises and after a few minutes of his ART-ful fingers, I’d be able to run a pain free 4 mile run today when 3 days ago I was hurting just over 1 mile into it. It sounded like a miracle to me, but who am I to argue with a doctor.

I set out for my 4 mile run this morning on the same route that my last few runs have taken (so I couldn’t blame a good or bad run on different terrain). I ran 6:15 miles, and I was COMPLETELY pain free until the last little hill over 3.5 miles into the run! I’m pretty sure Dr. Folske is the second coming of Jesus Christ (in a completely non-blasphemous way)! He’s gotta be related to Jesus at least. Maybe he’s the second coming of Jesus’s long-lost chiropractor cousin.

So I’m going to keep up with his exercises and “stretching,” and I’ll be seeing him a few times next week for some more ART. Then, taper and recover for a week. Then, marathon time.



TriShannon 12:20 PM, June 06, 2008  

I've been looking into ART. Glad to hear you had success!

Jeff 1:14 PM, June 06, 2008  

Great news on the run. I'm surprised they don't just sell chiro at the running store. Seems like every runner needs it.

tracie 1:19 PM, June 06, 2008  

woohoo! glad to hear that you are on the mend and still looking forward to your marathon! :)

GoBigGreen 1:50 PM, June 06, 2008  

sweet. I was gonna move, change my address, drop the Y, etc..if he made you worse. I still believe in ice, but hey, whatever works for you. Baby steps...and not sure he is related to JC, but why not...kinda that "WWWD?"
Ie; "what would WADE do?"

TRI TO BE FUNNY 2:26 PM, June 06, 2008  

Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!

nwgdc 2:36 PM, June 06, 2008  

I'm also an ART certified doc, and the stuff is great for repetitive strain injuries. Giddy UP for Grandma's!

Stef0115 3:34 PM, June 06, 2008  

Oh GOOD! I am relieved and happy for you!

triguyjt 9:50 PM, June 06, 2008  

that whole non stretch of the heel makes sense when you putit that way....
good that the run went pretty good for ya...

Praise Folske!!!

The Sm'allards 7:35 AM, June 07, 2008  

I'm so glad you found someone to magic your heel...we've got an active release guy here. His name is Alex on paper, but I'm certain it's actually Jehovah or some equally deity-worthy name.

Spokane Al 8:52 AM, June 07, 2008  

ART is the best. Just remember to go back periodically when you start to see the beginning of issues rather than waiting until you can no longer run/ride/whatever.

Jenna 1:06 PM, June 07, 2008  

worth the trip to someone who knows what he is talking bout!! Glad you are on the mend now you can kick butt in the marathon :) if you haven't seen the chocolate rain pic on my blog - i thought of you and your near mishap (the please don't stop loving me Pharmie!!) - OMG!! My worst nightmare ;)

Molly 3:21 PM, June 07, 2008  

SO glad that you are feeling better! Keep up the good work!
Take Care

jeanne 6:23 PM, June 07, 2008  

i'm willing to believe that the good doc is related to the Man. another testimony to ART--i'm gonna have to check it out one of these days.

Ryan 7:54 AM, June 08, 2008  

Use a little more LUBE...........

it keeps the friction heat down ;-)

Marcy 1:44 PM, June 08, 2008  

Sounds good, homie!

Brian 5:24 PM, June 08, 2008  

sounds like you found art just in time for grandma's.

duchossois 5:51 PM, June 08, 2008  

Sounds promising. Don't over-do it. Take it easy until Grandma's.

Unknown 5:56 PM, June 08, 2008  

If ART makes you feel better, then it's all good.

Unknown 9:34 PM, June 08, 2008  

Hopefully it will all work out and you will be ready to go at Grandma's. I'll be rooting for a speedy, healthy recovery.

KK 10:09 AM, June 09, 2008  

Oh thank the heavens above for your doc! ART worked wonders for my lower leg issues too and now I feel like an idiot for forgetting to recommend it to you weeks ago. Sorry!

Hilarious about the blood flow to the crotch. SICK, but funny.

teacherwoman 3:11 PM, June 10, 2008  

Great news!

Those instructions are hideous!!

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