8 Days Until Grandma's Marathon!

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

Eight words that sum up my running mood this past year:

Who wears short shorts?
I wear short shorts!

I was informed 2 days ago that I had made it onto the Runner’s World forums. Someone started a category titled “Short-shorts Runners.” (Here’s a link to the forum.) Their first post was this:


That was Borsch and I at the Joe Plant 5K!! And OF COURSE they look funky on me, because that was the point! You all know that I’m always out to get people to smile and to have a great time - I’m not trying to start a clothing trend.

Well, as I scrolled down, some WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING that I only know as “texasbman” had replied to that first image of me. Here’s his addition to the forum:

VINDICATION!! (You read the part on the right of that image, right? Especially the last sentence? Good.)

I have no idea who “texasbman” is, but thank you for setting the record straight regarding my hideous short shorts! And in case anyone is wondering: No, the short shorts will not be making an appearance at Grandma’s Marathon. They are great for 5Ks, duathlons done as a team with Matt, and 1980s parties...

...but they would chafe something wicked if I wore them for 26.2.


Dori 1:22 AM, June 13, 2008  

Ha! That's good, especially about the 80s parties. :0

Three years ago, at the Marsh Turkey Trot, a guy won a prize for "shortest shorts." He actually didn't hear his number called, but I saw him and told him to get his prize. When I told him why he won, he laughed and said his family teased him about wearing such short shorts.

Black Knight 2:28 AM, June 13, 2008  

I always used to race wearing short shorts but now I prefer to cover the long scar.

Jade Lady 7:29 AM, June 13, 2008  

U forgot to use NAIR for short shorts!

Seriously (wait, how can I be serious on your blog!), short shorts are OK looking on men ONLY when running or swimming (not talking speedos - that is reserved for pro swimmers only!). Anything else looks freaky to me. Don't get me wrong, I like men's legs, but if I see a guy with short shorts doing things other than the above, their legs look like ladies legs. Funny how the mind accepts certain images but not others!

I think your shorts would have looked ok, except for the funky color. But, since you're such a swift chap, heck, u can wear anything you darn well please and look good!

Moral of story, guys? When in doubt, go long! Board shorts, like the vollyeball guys where, are ESPECIALLY SEXY.

chia 9:30 AM, June 13, 2008  

You should get a man-kilt :-P

Happy friday!

Megan 9:41 AM, June 13, 2008  

short shorts, like the hula hoop, are making a comeback. little did you know you are setting a trend.

but if the shorts aren't going to make it Grandmas, you need to at least rock the swingin' sweatband. its the hotness.

J~Mom 11:27 AM, June 13, 2008  

Dude you are famous! I seriously was thinking about wearing my lime green shorts in a local 5K in your honor (and to see if I can PR) and now I think I will!

Benson 11:56 AM, June 13, 2008  

Dude, you look awesome...in a dorky kinda way.
The 80's pic is brilliant! Matching headband, wristband, shorts and socks! Holy crap, you're solid man.

jen 12:43 PM, June 13, 2008  

That's fantastic that texasbman stepped up in your defense. I think you rocked the short shorts. The critics on RW are just jealous.

Cy 1:12 PM, June 13, 2008  

Love it-can't help but LOL!!

Best of luck next weekend!

sRod 1:22 PM, June 13, 2008  

Can we move away from the pelvis region for #7

Kim 1:26 PM, June 13, 2008  

laughing. i freaking love it. i think you should start collecting other short running shorts from salvation army.

Kellye Mills 1:47 PM, June 13, 2008  

I agree with him! If I could run that fast, I'd wear those shorts too!!

CoachLiz 2:07 PM, June 13, 2008  


I have been rocking the short shorts as well. I have a pair of Micro shorts from DeSoto and my running buddies call them my second skin. But for some reason, they don't make them in bright yellow. I stuck with black. I feel like I am running in my undies so it makes me go faster to get back to the long Nike baller shorts I left on the front seat of my car.

Brian 2:24 PM, June 13, 2008  

You've gotta do the full 80's outfit for the rest of the races this year except marathons. Short races. Classic

teacherwoman 2:39 PM, June 13, 2008  

Glad to hear you aren't wearing them for the marathon! hehehe.

Marcy 3:26 PM, June 13, 2008  

I'm with Benson on this. You know, your legs actually look pretty sweet in those shorts. Not many men can pull that off, homie.

Anonymous,  7:41 PM, June 13, 2008  

wow, people are never nice in those forums!! texasbman is THE MAN!!!

ShirleyPerly 10:47 PM, June 13, 2008  

I actually think the long shorts look dorkier on runners!

Fizzgig 9:30 AM, June 16, 2008  

sorta like, "the enquirer" type experience! at least you had someone to put their 2 cents in for you!

Triteacher 4:48 PM, June 17, 2008  

texasbman got it right - yer fast! I am quite enamoured of the 80s pic. We really dressed that way!!!

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