Some "All Out" 100s in the Pool

>> Monday, May 06, 2019

I've been happy with my "consistent" swimming lately, but I haven't felt like I've really pushed myself in the pool in a while. So last Monday, I decided to do that "no minds" workout that ends with 5x100 ALL OUT.

It calls for a 1000 warm up, then right into 250 at "race pace" (with no rest - so 1250 straight), then a 2:00 rest, and then 5x100 every 4:00 (so LOTS of rest). The 100s should get slower as you go because they should all be ALL OUT.

Here were my averages of the final 5x100 from the previous times I've done this workout:

- January 2010: 1:22.6 / 100 average
- March 2010: 1:18.4 / 100 average
- January 2011: 1:18.0 / 100 average
- November 2013: 1:19.2 / 100 average
- May 2014: 1:21.3 / 100 average
- April 2018: 1:17.8 / 100 average
- November 2018: 1:17.45 / 100 average

Bro-in-Law Matt, me, and my cutie from my "no minds"
swim post in March 2010
. We're BABIES.

Last week, I knew my first 100 was slower than last fall, so I figured I wouldn't PR in the workout. But then the next few were faster. So I was aware that it sort of came down to my last 100. But I was pooped. My last 100 was quite a bit slower:

- 1:15.84
- 1:16.72
- 1:18.34
- 1:16.89
- 1:19.42
- Average of 1:17.44 / 100

THAT'S A PR BY 0.01 SECONDS! Yes, just 1/100th of a second! But a PR is a PR! Ha! ;) So the last 3 times I've done this workout, it's been a PR, and all have been 1:17:something.

I'll throw this workout back into the mix maybe at the end of summer to see where I'm at. I don't really have any desire to do it again anytime soon. And when I swam next (on Friday), I had my SLOWEST swim in a LONG time. I really don't think it's related, but I went from feeling FAST in the pool to feeling like a bag of CRAP in the pool. I did 200s and 4 of them were over 3:10, when usually they all are and I average just over 3:00.


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