Long "Productive" Run

>> Saturday, May 11, 2019

On Tuesday, I had to drop my car off after getting hit in a little fender bender last month. It was going to get a few things fixed by the radiator, as well as a bit of body work on the front end. (Someone backed into me HARD.) I had to drop it off in Eagan, a suburb just outside of the 494/694 loop. My wife was planning on picking me up, but I told her there was no reason I couldn't just run home. So that's what I did!

Walking before I started my run. Yep, it's the suburbs.

I started running from here, up that hill 1.5 miles in the distance,
along NINE lanes of Pilot Knob Road. (Only 9 lanes for a bit.)

I was along Pilot Knob for 2.5 miles (BORING), then I got over to Big Rivers Trail for 1.5 miles more. Then I crossed the Minnesota River:

Picnic Island to the left, Pike Island in the distance, and downtown St. Paul way down stream.

SIDENOTE: that sandy area in the last photo is about where I stood to make this photo as part
of my "4 a.m. Series" a few years ago. See more on my photo blog or my Instagram.

Then I ran along Fort Snelling for a bit before crossing the Mississippi River into St. Paul.

The route home: 10.1 miles in 1:09.

It was a time of day I don't usually run: I started around 1:00 pm. I prefer to run in the morning, and I've been running a lot just before lunch (just after class). So this was one of the first runs in a long time I did on a full stomach, and it was kind of brutal. I never felt great. And the worst/most unusual part is that I USUALLY make sure to get some some good food/protein after running (especially after a long run like this), but I was NOT hungry and could NOT eat until around supper time at 6 pm. Dang.

Back with a TC 1 Mile RACE REPORT shortly! I was worried this long run 2 days pre-race would hurt my legs, but I don't think it hindered me during the race.


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