The Tale of 2.5 Weeks

>> Saturday, May 18, 2019

The last 2.5 weeks of training seem to have 3 major elements to them:

Pic of my training from yesterday, with colors added by me.

The GREEN was a solid week of running (23+ miles). That 11.3 miler on Tuesday the 30th was an AMAZING run with Charlie in the stroller. Everything just felt great. Wednesday was just a short spin, and Sunday was a better spin workout after getting back from my nephew's birthday.

The BLUE was easing back a bit. I had the TC 1 Mile in the middle of that, and my strength work disappeared: 7 hours and 39 minutes the week before, and only 1 hour and 29 minutes for this whole 2nd week.

Finally, the RED was some exhaustion. I went on a nice ride last weekend (just "rode" for 33 miles - my longest time in the saddle since last summer), and then skipped my swim on Monday. (Partly because I had finals, but I *could* have fit it in if I had wanted too - I brought my swim stuff but didn't do anything with it.) Tuesday's run with Charlie in the stroller was SO MUCH MORE BRUTAL than the one 2 weeks before. Some effort on the bike on Wednesday felt rough.

Yesterday, my swim felt OK. I think I'm over it. Time to get back at it!


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