Longest Treadmill Run in YEARS!

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Yesterday I hit the treadmill on campus for 11 miles. (I know I've done 12 or 13 on a treadmill before, but that was probably 9-10 years ago.) It was my longest run since September when I was training for the TC 10 Mile - I had just 1 run that was 11 miles or more in 2018. We had just gotten 4-5 inches of snow on Sunday night, and if you haven't heard, we're in the middle of a deep freeze up here right now. (It was -10 when I did the run [-25 with windchill], and it's around -25 now [-50 to -58 with windchill] - both of my boys have the day off from school, as does most of the state.)

The treadmill went up to 60 minutes before "cooling down" for 10 minutes, and then it wouldn't let me run after that. So here's my first 70 minutes at exactly 10 miles:

And after resetting the treadmill, I ran another 1 mile for 11 total in 1:17:22.

I warmed up for 2 miles, descended the middle 6 miles by 0.1 mph every half mile (started at 8.7 mph and worked my way up to 9.8 mph), and then cooled down for 3 more miles. My middle 6 were ran in 39:03, or 6:30/mile pace. That took effort, but wasn't TOO hard. (I noted in this post 2 weeks ago that I did 4.5 miles of a long run WITH CHARLIE with a 6:24 average pace, so 6:30 pace without a stroller on a treadmill wasn't KILLER.)

Oh really?...

... I hadn't noticed! My treadmill was sneaking WAY forward from the wall (which you can't even
see on the far right of this pic). College students had to walk around me by the end of this. Sorry!

Soaked through, obviously. (This was while I was doing my heel exercises 2 minutes later.)

Back with vacation pics and vacation workouts shortly (probably next Monday). I finally nearly have all the photos fixed up!


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