Windiest Run EVER

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Last night, we got back from 3 days in southern MN for Christmas. When we drove down, everything was frosty and white:

The frost quickly blew off the trees as the last 2 days were SUPER windy. And windy in the country is MUCH different than windy in the city.

Yesterday morning, when there were 30+ mph SUSTAINED winds, I went for a 5 mile run. Four of those miles were down the highway and back near my parents home in the middle of the open, flat, southern Minnesota countryside. When I turned into the wind, it was like I couldn't breathe. It was insane. After a half mile, I was breathing/working like I was running FASTER than a 5K (like 5:30 pace) even though I was running about 8:00 pace, so I let up even more.

My 2 miles of moderate/hard effort into the wind were 8:29 and 8:45, for a total of 17:14 "out."

I turned around and had NEVER felt such a PUSH like that on my back before. The hood of my hoodie was over my shoulder and next to my face pushing me like a parachute the entire way back.

I ran at a MUCH EASIER effort back, as I ran 6:37 and 6:15, for a total of 12:53 "back."

If I were to have had the same effort on the way back, I'd have to speculate that I would have been running around 5:30 pace. Easily sub-6 for sure! (That 6:15 mile was MUCH easier than either of those 8+ miles on the way into the wind.) So about 3 mins / mile faster based only on the wind.

That was nuts.


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