Garmin Pace Data from my Three Fall Races

>> Saturday, December 17, 2016

Until this past week, I hadn't downloaded my Garmin data in a long time. March, I think. When I got injured. Really. I took down my splits, but never synced it until a few days ago.

First was Fort Snelling 15K Relay (5K x3 guys) on Pike Island back in Oct:

A loop between the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers.

It was pretty flat with just TINY 2-3 foot rollers on a gravel trail that was sometimes sand and sometimes covered in wet leaves. I mainly ran with the same guy for the final 2 miles. I only note that because it looks like I was running SUCH a random pace, but that's just what "felt right" on that course:

Slowing down to 9:26 pace up the damp grassy hill near the finish.
And then, being it was my first race in almost 7 months, you can see I played
it safe and didn't have a major kick, actually easing up near the finish.

Second was Rocky's Run 6K CC Meet on the U of M golf course. This one REALLY looks sporadic, but that makes sense based on all the rolling hills out on that course. (And the crappy footing at times.)

Slowing to 9:03 pace up a depressing little hill with a mile left.

Third (and final) for the fall was the Fast Before the Feast 5K that I did while pushing my youngest son and my nephew in our double stroller. LOOK AT HOW THAT STROLLER HELPS "EVEN OUT" MY PACE:

A very even pace chart, slowing to 7:32 pace up that final nasty hill...

... then hitting 5:05 pace coming down the other side to the finish.
(The stroller sucks up hills, but rocks down hills. Like a bike.)

And just as a comparison with and without the stroller, here's my 15K Relay and my Fast Before the Feast 5K (with the boys) put onto the same scale:

Jumpy 5K relay, compared to a super even 5K with the stroller.


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