Week in Review: Without a Kid or a Wife

>> Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I mentioned in my post this past weekend that my wife and 2-year-old were gone for a few days helping out my mother-in-law last week (Mon-Thurs). Here’s what my full week of training looked like:

• MONDAY: core and a little leg work.
• TUESDAY: 2x500 swim (7:26 and 7:29), a little upper body, and an easy run.
• WEDNESDAY: a moderate trainer ride and some PT leg work.
• THURSDAY: moderate mid-distance run.
• FRIDAY: good core workout and a long-ish, straight through, moderate trainer ride.
• SATURDAY: longest run since MARCH, and some good upper body.
• SUNDAY: a solid ladder swim and a little PT leg work.

Those 2 trainer rides (purple) weren't "workouts," but they didn't cause my sacrum issue to hurt (as I mentioned earlier this month). I haven't been on my bike since, and I still need to keep "testing" my back on the trainer.

Oh, and on 2 days over the past week, I Instagrammed a frozen face photo:

Dec 10: 7+ miles on an 8 degree morning.

Dec 12: 4 easy miles at 0 degrees.


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