Friday Funny 1192: World Toilet Day

>> Friday, December 02, 2016

Did you know that "World Toilet Day" was 2 weeks ago? (Think of it as a "sanitation awareness" day for people around the world.) The website Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs helped celebrate in their own way - with terrible real estate agent photos of toilets (and bathrooms):

On #WorldToiletDay, behold the stretched limousine of conveniences.

Definition of bad kitchen etiquette? Leaving the seat up.

When you’re down to your last few squares and there’s a paper jam.

“Honey, the guy across the street says we’re out of toilet paper”

So, I think that’s going to require a couple of flushes.

“Y’know, our new neighbors never wave back”

What you’re describing, Mr Stevens, is what we call an “out of bathroom experience.“

The Hercules is one of our most powerful toilet roll dispensers.

We don't recommend hanging around for the second movement.

I lost my hat down the toilet once.
Never, ever again.

Because who doesn’t enjoy seeing their backside repeating into infinity?

Film idea: Scientist invents teleportation machine, accidentally teleports
himself alongside toilet, slowly turns into toilet.

The bathroom is so well-appointed it interferes with the very fabric of reality.

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