Empty-Nester for a Few Days

>> Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Mom kept my kids for a few days after Christmas, so yesterday was the first full day back home without the boys. I got a lot of stuff done. I posted this photo on Instagram last night with the caption:

“WHAT DID I DO WITH ALL MY TIME BEFORE KIDS?!? In the first 24 hours since my boys have been at my Mom's, I made 2 meals for my wife to take to work for lunch (blackened tilapia, and pork chops in apples and onions with glazed carrots), finished grading, submitted grades, resized and organized 800 files from my students this past semester, submitted 3 years worth of syllabuses to Hamline, vacuumed, did 5 loads of laundry (and made every bed in the house), hit the trainer for 90 mins, printed a few 8x10s for family, and stopped at the post office, library, and Goodwill. Big list for tomorrow too. Gotta keep moving...”

Here’s a sweaty selfie I took about 80 minutes into my trainer ride yesterday:

Notice I snapped the photo RIGHT as a drip of sweat was leaving my nose. Gross.

I did parts of the 3 hour “Spinervals 13.0” workout: a long warm up, 3x10 minute tempo, and 5x6 minute efforts. I skipped the 30 minute tempo in the middle because MY GOD THAT SUCKS.

BIG NEWS: I’m racing a Donut Mile tomorrow morning! (The same one that I did last year.) So check Instagram and/or Twitter to see how it all turns out tomorrow! Back with a full report probably next week.


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