Third-Quarter Training Numbers

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Here's what my July, August, and September training numbers look like:

SWIM: 23,510 yards
BIKE: 491.78 miles (15.92 of that hauling the boys)
BIKE TRAINER: 7 hours 13 minutes (equaling 137.12 miles at 19 mph)
RUN: 190.32 miles (18.85 of that w/Charlie, 0.4 w/Henry, and 4.0 of that w/both boys)
STRENGTH: 39 hours 50 minutes

Weekly DISTANCE. Stopped swimming in early Aug to let my elbow heal.

Weekly TIME. All the "sports" minutes are trainer time.

- SWIM: Good numbers until I had to stop. I was on track for my first year over 200,000 yards, but I've stalled out now at 130,000. I don't know if I'll be able to swim any more in 2015. Dang.

- BIKE: Solid numbers for me! 491 miles outside and the equivalent of 137 miles on the trainer equals one of my biggest quarters ever: just shy of 629 miles over those 3 months! I mentioned in my last quarterly update in July that I was just shy of 500 "outdoor" miles on the bike, and that I could "maybe shoot for 1000" on the year. Well, an easy 20 miler over the weekend put me over at 1,012 miles.

- RUN: Ehh. OK. Nothing fantastic here. The biggest (obvious) thing is the QUICK build of miles after a mid-July injury to get ready for the Loony Challenge and TC 10 Mile in early October. I'm currently at 570 miles for the year, and I'm not shooting for any goal - just to get healed up.

Alright, I think I'm entering a few weeks of REST. I tried running 2 days ago, and things still hurt post-Loony Challenge. More on this rest shortly...


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