Week of Workouts Leading up to TODAYS RACE!

>> Saturday, May 02, 2015

Like I mentioned in Monday's post, I only signed up to race the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon last Friday afternoon, so I only had a few "real" workouts I could do after deciding to race and before I had to rest up a bit.

• SAT, 4/25: nothing. (Gone for the weekend.)

• SUN, 4/26: easy 5 mile run (at my parents). I had to take it easy after intervals on Thursday.

From Instagram: "Super foggy morning in southern MN, but it all cleared off
in time for a beautiful 5-miler. Only had to move over for 4 cars
and 1 cyclist (which happened to be my HS track and CC coach)."

• MON, 4/27: 28.5 miles on the bike with 3x5 mile tempo efforts. Pharmie had the day off, so I was able to sneak off for a final "quality" ride in the early morning before Henry was even up. I have a 5-mile stretch where I like to do intervals down the Greenway Trail. I did them with a 21.6, 22.1, and 21.5 mph average. That's some nice fast riding over 15 miles. Add in a 3 mile WU, a few minutes of riding between intervals, and an 8 mile ride back home as a CD, and it's an "easy" way to hit 28 miles. (Which is a BIG ride for me.)

• TUES, 4/28: 6 mile run with 2 x 1.5 miles efforts. I've never done 1.5 mile intervals. I started doing 2x2 mile intervals a number of years ago, but that felt too far just 4 days before this race (which is 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run). So I tried 1.5 mile intervals. I did them in 8:38 and 8:26 (5:45 and 5:37 pace). That's just faster than the pace I'm hoping to do my 2 mile splits in at this race today, so I figured it was some good pace work.

• WED, 4/29: Some quick 90 sec intervals on the trainer, and some 400s in the pool. I didn't do too many intervals on the bike because of the race in 3 days, but I knew it'd be good to feel a LITTLE speed in my legs. But in the pool, I didn't hold much back - I did a pretty "normal" effort for my 400s.

• THURS, 4/30: easy 4 mile run with 2x60 second pick-ups. My legs felt heavy. I had a few minutes post-run to stretch them out well, which made them feel better.

• FRI, 5/01: nothing but some stretching. And yard work. And bike cleaning:

From Instagram: "Getting Goldilocks all sexed-up for tomorrow's race. #HubbaHubba"

• SAT, 5/02: RACE DAY! I set this to post probably as I'm finishing the race, so check back on Monday for a full report. (And maybe tonight or tomorrow for a quick pic or 2.)

Keep an eye on my twitter account (also embedded on the right side of my blog) for race updates!


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