Official Photos from the Cinco "Du" Mayo Duathlon

>> Monday, May 18, 2015

The race photos from the 2015 Cinco "Du" Mayo Duathlon can be found here. I actually got 3 full-sized downloads from the photographer. Those 3 files totaled 35 megabytes, so they're BIG. The photographer didn't mind me using the other images with his watermark on them, so here are about 25 that I want to share in chronological order (the order might seem weird near the end because the short course was wrapping up the final run as the long course was still out on the bike):

Talking to Lisa pre-race (getting some sort of lecture, apparently).


Start of the long course race. The top 3 ended up being the 3 to the left:
Bennett (3rd), Devon (2nd), and Brian (1st).

Start of the short course race.

Me, 2 seconds into the race.

Brian coming back in with Bennett just behind him after the first run (long course).

Me finishing up the first run.

Close-up of the last photo: this was one of the full-size images I downloaded.
LOOK AT THE GROSS, SWEATY DETAIL!! That's a nice, large file.

Brad (the guy who should have won) just 26 seconds behind me.

Lisa on her way to winning.

Biking out with my crooked, doofy looking aero helmet.

That could lead to some odd chaffing issues.

Coming in off the bike. Those are 2 recreational riders behind me to the left, and the one in
the road is probably Lisa. I never looked back, but she entered T2 just behind me!

Close-up of the photo above.

Lisa just behind me...

... and tall Mitchell just behind her.

Starting the run. This is the final large file that I got, so...

... enjoy this in all it's gross detail! And WHY IS MY MOUTH CLOSED?!?!?

Lisa on my tail. Is that me to the far right?
It doesn't look like me, but it would only make sense that it IS.

The other Lisa, coming in with a smile (as always).

Heading back to the finish! Look at HOW MUCH SWEATIER I AM than when I left!
Also, look how much my form has deteriorated.

These next 3 photos were taking in quick succession: Devon was first off the bike for the long course...

... as Lisa was getting ready to win the short course race...

... and Brian was just about 30 seconds behind Devon.

Nicole on her way to winning the long course race.

I don't know this guy, but that's a pretty awesome/aggressive turn into the park in aero!

The sassy ladies who liked my shorts.

If I had sweet man fur like that, I'd let it breathe too!

Sweet! She wore the sunglasses / mustache for the ENTIRE race!

- Go HERE to order large files (they're cheap)!
- And go HERE for my full Cinco "Du" Mayo Duathlon race report.


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