Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: Butt and Lower Back Exercise

>> Thursday, February 26, 2015 recently showed an exercise that I need to start doing. It's called a "Bird Dog," and it's for stabilizing the muscles around the hips and lower back, "thus reducing the risk of injury to those areas" as it says on their site.

Check out this short video to help your hips and lower back:

Direct link:

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Shinianen 9:22 AM, February 26, 2015  

This exercise is even better with a band. I use a standard straight band with handles. Put one handle on your right toe so it hugs the arch of your foot - kneel on the floor and bring the length of the band up along your right hip - grab the mid section of the band with your right hand (the lower down you grab, the more resistance you'll have) - with your left hand grab the slack of the band just below the handle (simply to keep it out of your way). Once you have the band positioned, hinge forward into table top position. You'll notice the band makes a 7 shape along your right hip and between your hands. Then, follow the same motion as above, but skip the arm extension. Want an extra challenge beyond that? Keep the band on, straighten the leg into a full extension level with the hip/spine, and alternate tapping the toe lightly on the floor - one with the leg pointing straight back, one with the leg angled to cross over the opposite leg (that is supporting you on table top position). I like to do all the above and finish with a set of fire hydrants (keeping the band on) before switching sides. Buns of steel, I'm telling you.

Shinianen 9:34 AM, February 26, 2015  

In case the above description is wonky, I googled and finally found a pre-existing photo that demos what I mean. For band positioning, see the photos under Fire Hydrant, you can do the bird dog (glute kickback) with the band in the same position:

Kimberly 10:11 AM, February 26, 2015  

The bird dog exercise is one of the most fundamental exercises, in my opinion, and I almost always include it in core segments of boot camp classes. People want to do crazy ab work but unless you can stabilize the trunk, there's no point. There are lots of great variations, too, by bringing elbow to meet opposite knee at the navel and moving limbs laterally in opposite direction for an extra challenge.

SteveQ 11:44 AM, February 26, 2015  

I'd just assumed that when you saw someone about your butt pain that this was something you'd been told to do. It's standard.

Steve Stenzel 2:55 PM, February 26, 2015  

Thanks Shinianen!! And good variations, Kimberly! SteveQ, I do something like this, but not exactly this. Gotta work it into the routine.

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