New "Friendly" Showdown!

>> Monday, February 23, 2015

I recently called out a friend to race. You might remember seeing this blurry photo of Lisa at the 24 Hour Relay for Aaron:

Over those 24 hours and 194 miles (total) around the track, she had the 3 fastest female mile splits: 6:18, 6:22, and 6:27. She's fast.

She's been doing the YWCA Indoor Triathlon "series" this winter, and she's been winning all of them. In fact, she was 3rd overall and 2nd overall in her first 2 this winter. She cranks out the 600 yard swim in sub-8:00 (which I could NEVER do), puts down a speedy split on a spin bike, and then runs a 5K on the track between 20 and 21 minutes. Beast.

So, I figured I'd politely challenge her to the next race on March 8:

Well, it turns out she has a big half marathon coming up the week after the indoor tri, so she told me she couldn't race me. Dang.

But then when I got out of class, I saw these 2 text message from BFF Devon just 11 minutes apart:

I logged back into Facebook to see what he meant. This is what had happened:

We set some rules (well, 1 rule for the bike), had the race director (Nicole) chime in and relieve Lisa of her volunteering responsibilities, and we decided to race:

As Lisa's final comment mentions, we will spin with the bikes set at a resistance of 12 (on a 0-24 scale I believe). The bikes just count revolutions as "distance," so most people just set it super low and spin their brains out at like 120-150 RPM. We'll tone that down a little to keep from blowing out our legs and to make it a *little* more like actual cycling.

Then other people started weighing in, and someone mentioned a wager (not seen in these comments):

I really had no idea for a wager - I was just in it for the race. But then Lisa's sister had a great idea for the 2 of us (who each have 2 kids):


I suppose the "smack talk" started yesterday when I saw Lisa's sister swim at a Masters meet. I Instagrammed this photo:

"Took the boys down the street to creep on @hlendway at the
Masters meet at St Thomas. Henry didn't want to leave."

We never got to talk to Heather, but she told me via Instagram that we just missed Lisa and her kids. I commented back "Shucks. Would have been nice to have the kids meet before she has to come over to babysit my boys."

I'll be polite. But there might be smack talk. Might.

Stop by the Midtown YWCA of Minneapolis on March 8th to see the race. Better yet, click here to register as a volunteer as you watch the race unfold. High stakes, people. High stakes.


Anonymous,  10:35 AM, February 23, 2015  

No that I think she really cares, but you forgot to blur out Lisa's last name when you call her Miss L*** at the beginning of the set of Facebook comments that begins "Golly gee". And you also use her last name when you use her sister's Instagram handle in the last photo.

Steve Stenzel 2:45 PM, February 23, 2015  

Dang it, Anon. I was afraid I'd do that. Oops. :)

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