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>> Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I recently got this in the mail, and I tried it out on a quick ride on Monday evening (my FIRST ride since my sprain !). It's a Skulltec Advanced Gel Cap:

It's a cap meant to be worn under for added protection against traumatic head injuries. From their website:

The SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR Gel Cap has been LAB TESTED by an Independent Laboratory and we are extremely proud of the results! In fact, SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR tested through the roof. The study showed that the use of the SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR cap registered a substantial decrease in impact. SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR has again and again proven a safe and effective means to reduce the impact of collisions.

Severity Index
This test measures the severity of the impact on the brain and skull.
Results: Drastic reduction in the severity of the impact

Front Impact
Resultant Acceleration tests on the helmet front.
Without SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR – 115.0 g force
With SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR – 87.3 g force
Results: Reduction of 28 g forces on front impact

Side Impact
Resultant Acceleration tests on the helmet side.
Without SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR – 84.6 g force
With SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR – 69.2 g force
Results: Reduction of 15 g forces on side impact

They basically say that you can/should use this in ANY activity where you could possibly get a head injury. Football, hockey, cycling, BMX, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding, boxing, wake-boarding, equestrian, rock climbing, etc, etc. (They're releasing a new model shortly when a chin strap for added protection.) It's basically 3.5 mm of soft but dense gel pads that hug your head.

Top view, folded up. Kinda looks like a chamois in bike shorts.

Wearing it.

Strangest selfie ever - from above to show the gel pads all around, ventilation, and pad on top.

It fit comfortably on it's own. I headed out for a bike ride a few hours later, and I just had to loosen my helmet a bit to allow it to fit underneath. It was comfortable. The dense gel pads are relatively squishy. It didn't get hot, but it was only 55-60 degrees on Monday evening when I tried this out - I'm afraid it COULD get warm on warmer days. Overall, a pretty cool cap from Skulltec to help prevent head injuries!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received an Advanced Gel Cap for free from Skulltec as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication. But they didn't ask me / tell me to say any of this - all of these thoughts are my own.


Russ Churchill 1:32 PM, May 08, 2014  

Warm weather I say put it in the freezer before!

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