Friday Funny 732: Bike Race Finish (and Funny Links!)

>> Friday, May 30, 2014

There's a good reason why many bike races will take away your win if you do this...

Direct link:

"At least he won." Priceless. It's been a bad week for people at the end of races.

Finally, as I do every 2 weeks or so, here are some funny posts from my tumblr page:

Athletic-related funny things:

Awesome Photoshopped finisher's photo!

[GIF] These guys are amazing.

You might be a Cross County runner IF...

Willie Nelson on Lance Armstrong's doping.

I'm going to start eating healthy...

Swimsuit season.

[GIF] Hard Body of the Day Rita Benavidez.

[GIF] That's a sweet bike jump. Nice.

Who else says this when they need to workout?

[VIDEO] How to win the 50 meter freestyle.

I really should workout.

Sweet design piece that labels the parts of a road bike.

[GIF] What kind of race is this?

Oh, you ran a marathon? Cute.

Non-athletic funny things:

I hate it when this happens when I try to eat organic.

The only way to get a hot body for the summer.

[GIF] Kids. Sheesh.

Deep thoughts.

[GIF] Some awesome juggling.

The proper way to pee with morning wood.


What's your sexual orientation.

[GIF] Dog overboard? Nope.

Best yard sale sign ever.

Is this your relationship status?

Sweet car for sale. Good deal.

Dirty joke.


Raising kids/dogs.

Man I love "Who's Line."

Weird/awesome tattoo for someone who loves to cook.

Me when I eat.

Pizza Rolls.

It took me a second to understand this.

Doing projects around the house: this is WAY TOO TRUE.

The secret to pleasing a man.

Weekend plans (if you're cheap).

I can't wait to teach my sons all I know.

And as always, stop by for funnies all week long. Happy weekend!!


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