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>> Monday, May 12, 2014

Saturday was a big day. We've been working on the landscaping around the garage (see this post from last month to see some previous work). We were finally going to plant our raised veggie beds and then re-seed part of the neighbor's yard that got torn up during garage construction last fall.

Here's a "before" shot from Saturday morning:

Skinny raised beds, pavers, and re-graded yard ready to be seeded.

And here's an "after" shot from Saturday afternoon:

Oh wait, that's not our garden. That's Charlie - my new son!!!

Yeah, Saturday didn't quite go as planned.

A little after 8 a.m., Pharmie thought we should head to the doctor's because she wasn't feeling baby move around much after having some contractions during the night, and she was worried.

Pharmie hooked up to machines, and Henry watching some "Thomas the Train."

All was well (actually, quite perfect), and we got the "all clear" to go home. We headed to the Y where Pharmie hopped on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes, and then Henry and I hopped in the pool for his swim lessons. Part way though lessons, Pharmie disappeared. Her water broke in the locker room around 10:45 a.m. (It's a wet swimming pool locker room floor - no one probably even noticed.) We finished lessons and stopped by home for a good lunch.

Matching bellies.

Pharmie's sister's family stopped over, and they took Henry home with them. Thanks Steph and Jon!! We headed to the hospital just after 1 p.m.

Dealing with a contraction just outside the hospital. This was 1:20 p.m.

We barely got to the room when Pharmie wanted her doctor ASAP. I took off her pants, and she crawled into bed. She didn't even get onto her back (she was on her side) when the doctor came in and she started pushing. One more push, and we got to meet Charles Philip Stenzel. She never even made it onto her back in bed.

He came at 1:56 p.m. Yes, that's 38 minutes after the time stamp on my parking meter receipt and about 25-30 minutes after getting up to the Birth Center on the 4th floor. We seriously just barely got her pants off on time. Quite different than Henry's delivery 36 hours after her water broke and after nearly 4 hours of active pushing.

Pharmie's Mom.

His first bath. Pharmie's Mom has been an OB nurse for 30+ years,
and she's given all 3 of her grandkids their first baths!

Henry, Evie, Steph, and Jon coming to meet Charlie.

Henry seeing his brother for the first time. There were lots of kisses. He's sweet.

Cousin Evie immediately demanded a baby brother of her own.

Holding Charlie for the first time.

Our new family of four!

More kisses.

Goofy cousins...

Henry's already boring his little brother with his stories.

Henry and I headed home on Saturday night. We figured we'd try to keep Henry home and on a normal schedule. Henry and I sent this photo to Pharmie saying "night night" at bedtime:

Then on Sunday, my parents came up to visit just before Pharmie and Charlie were sent home.

My folks.

Some "milk drunk" smiles.

Headed home exactly 29 hours after coming in! CRAZY!

Compare the birth of our 2 kids:

Henry, June 2011:
- water broke Friday night
- dilated to 0.5 cm
- after contractions for 18 hours, progressed to 2 cm
- after more active contractions, progressed to 3 cm
- got an epidural around midnight on Saturday night so she could rest
- started really pushing at 7:45 a.m. Sunday morning
- Henry was born 3.5 hours later at 11:15 on Sunday morning (36 hours after her water broke)
- Pharmie and baby went home over 2 days later (Tuesday night - a total of almost 4 days in the hospital)

Charlie, May 2014:
- water broke at 10:45 a.m. at the Y
- got to the hospital at 1:20 p.m.
- really only had about 2-3 pushes
- born at 1:56 p.m. (just over 3 hours after her water broke)
- Pharmie and baby went home the next evening (Sunday evening - 29 hours after coming in)

Back with maybe some more baby stuff soon, and then a training update. (I have good news and bad news about injuries and such.) For now, I'm off to spend some time with my boys!

(If you're feeling nostalgic, click here to see some of Henry's first photos and his birth story.)


Biker Pete 7:41 AM, May 12, 2014  

Congratulations on the birth of your baby Charles (Charlie) Philip. There's nothing more precious or special in the life than holding your newborn son in your arms.

There will be a lot fun fun with these two toddlers around :-)

My sons both came that "fast delivery" way ... just in the middle of the night.
I was awaiting some tickets for driving way too fast ... but it seems, that there are no speed limits for that "express" ride. :-)

Best wishes from germany,


Kristin,  7:47 AM, May 12, 2014  

CONGRATS!!! Charlie is beautiful.

Melissa @ Faster In Water 8:08 AM, May 12, 2014  

Dude. Your wife is a champ! YMCA the morning of - wow!

congratulations to you, Pharmie, and Henry!

Robyn 8:43 AM, May 12, 2014  

Oh my gosh this is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME. The first picture of Henry and Charlie just kills me. And the cousins! And Pharmie WINS babybirthing!

Hugs and massive congratulations to all FOUR! of you. Enjoy those new baby moments. So so very happy for you all.

Ironmom (Julie) 9:41 AM, May 12, 2014  

I was ready to strangle you when I saw the picture of the dirt. :) But congratulations; your whole family of four is adorable.

SteveQ 10:26 AM, May 12, 2014  

I know you're going with Charlie, but "Chuck Stenzel" - now there's a name to contend with. Like a 3rd base coach for the Detroit Lions in the 1950's.

Congrats! (And sleep when you can)

Leigh 12:10 PM, May 12, 2014  

Congratulations on the new little guy! What a birth story!

Carolina John 2:04 PM, May 12, 2014  

Congratulations Steve! He's a keeper.

Pamela 2:38 PM, May 12, 2014  

Pharmie is getting really good at this baby delivery thing - next one might be a home birth!

Congratulations on your newly expanded family.

Coach Liz 4:16 PM, May 12, 2014  

The picture of Henry holding Charlie made me cry. You two are very, very lucky to have been blessed with two beautiful children. I still think Henry is the cutest baby I have ever seen. The only other baby to give him a run for his money so far has been Michael and Amanda Lovato's baby girl. I am sure Charlie will take over that job. :)

Ian McDormand 7:59 PM, May 12, 2014  

The second one just kind of flies out doesn't it? When my son was born (2nd) DW tells me at 9:35pm we need to go to the hospital which is a 1 hour drive away. DS makes his grand entrance at 11:48pm.

Anonymous,  8:57 PM, May 12, 2014  

So exciting!! SO happy it was much easier this time!!! Can't wait to meet the little guy :)PS can't believe her water broke at the Y haha! Totally fitting :)

Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! 12:11 AM, May 13, 2014  

Congrats! Wow, what a whirlwind delivery! My three each got later and bigger, and none were fast deliveries like that! Enjoy the newborn phase! Your sons are adorable.

Laura (LunaChickRuns) 6:27 AM, May 13, 2014  

Congratulations, he's adorable!!

I can only hope my upcoming delivery will go half as fast and smooth! :)

SteveQ 10:08 AM, May 13, 2014  

I just realized I typed "Lions" instead of "Tigers." Really, I'm not an idiot.

Old She dragon 10:12 AM, May 13, 2014  

Oh Pharmie and Steve and Henry, How lovely .Congratulations !

Pharmie you did so well ,the next one will only take you 5 minutes LOL.

Richard Hambrick 3:42 PM, May 13, 2014  

Sounds like a birth PR to me! Congrats.

Julia 3:03 PM, May 14, 2014  

Congratulations to the four of you!

If you ever decide to have a third child maybe she should just have it at home (it'll probably come out that quick!)

Steve Stenzel 9:33 AM, May 15, 2014  

Thanks everyone!! I'm loving my 2 little guys! (And their Mama!) :)

Unknown 12:14 PM, May 16, 2014  

Congrats Steve and Pharmie! Charlie is perfect and Mama looks amazing! - Kim K (aka Teta Equals Booby which I haven't posted on in like 3 years)

MrAwesome,  2:13 AM, May 17, 2014  


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