Big Race News: Next Weekend's SHOWDOWN

>> Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let me introduce you to a FORMER friend:

That's Dave and I at the bee... er... ah... I mean... "Kitten Mile" nearly 2 years ago. We were chummy. We were buddies.

Well, no more.

Next Saturday, he's challenged me to a showdown at the Trinona Time Trial. He wanted to prove he was better than me so badly that he offered me free entry into his race. (You remember I did the Trinona TT last year, and it was awesome.)

Here's some math... or "who to put your money on:"

Dave did it 2 years ago, and I finished 20 seconds faster than his time when I did it last year. But times were faster last year - local rockstar cyclist Patti Schmidt did it both years, and she was 33 seconds faster the year I did it vs the year Dave did it. And Matt Ollwerther (someone I don't know but someone who finished 1st and 2nd those 2 years) was 36 seconds faster the year I did it. So looking at those results, Dave's time from 2 years ago probably beats my time from last year by 13-16 seconds.

SO THAT MEANS OUR RACE SHOULD BE CLOSE! Stay tuned to see how this shapes up next weekend...

Dave thought he'd be a "big man" and pick on poor, injured me. My ankle hasn't allowed me to run in nearly 2 months. My hip is still a big issue from last August. I have a 3 week old son so I'm sleep deprived and my training has suffered. "Hey Steve" says Dave, "I wanna race you!" Yeah. Good timing. Seems fair. Sure.

(This GIF makes me wish I were a woman so I could do this allllll the time. Just to Dave.)

I'm not TOO worried about Dave beating me because he's not too coordinated. He can hardly ride a bike. Here's some footage of him playing golf 20 years ago:

Dave, I hope nothing "accidentally" happens to your bike on race day next weekend...

Alright, it's 7 days to the Trinona Time Trial. Time to get my game face on:


It's on, Dave. See you at the top of the Bluff next Saturday. I'll be waiting.


Anonymous,  8:48 PM, June 01, 2014  

Steve, you're reaching. I have a long history of dominating you in any competition we go head-to-head in. I'm, what they call in the sports world, a "gamer".

We haven't lined up often, but when we have, the results have been one-sided. By my research, our first event was the 2008 LTF Tri. Not one of my best days, but good enough to best you by a couple minutes. What happened there, man?

Here are the results for you to contemplate:

A few years later, we would have round two at an underground beer mile competition. And, while you may have the better running pedigree, I gave a performance for the ages and come in about 3 seconds faster with a gritty sub-6:45.

I even managed to be faster than you when it came to getting a woman pregnant. You got the job done but close to a year late. Then, again, I managed a 2nd baby boy. You followed suit. To borrow a metaphor, it appears you've been simply drafting in my slipstream for years.

Fast forward to the Trinona TT. Sure, you have a faster time on that course. But, as you've pointed out, it was wind-aided and by no means a stronger effort than mine the previous year when I had (though unsubstantiated) a 25 MPH headwind to contend with.

So, in less than a week we will face off again. Despite retiring at the end of the 2012 multi-sport season, having owned the sweet spot of my age group in nearly every major endurance event on the planet - Escape from Alcatraz, Leadville 100 MTB, Boston Marathon, Alpe d'Huez Triathlon, multiple Ironmans, etc.

I planned on a quiet retirement, devoted to family, charitable works and deep contemplation. But, now sir, you've poked the bear. You've rustled a sleeping giant. And I'm back. Back with one purpose and that's to make you understand, once and for all, I'm the better man.

Who's your daddy?
-Dave Schutz, Trinona Founder.

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