60th Anniversary of the First 4:00 Mile

>> Saturday, May 10, 2014

In early May, 1954, Roger Bannister did what many people thought would kill a person: he broke 4 minutes in the mile for the first time in history. Here's video of that race along with Bannister's commentary (which is awesome).

Direct link: http://youtu.be/wTXoTnp_5sI

"I felt as if I was too close to have failed."

I got chills when he started his kick with 300 meters left. Amazing race. And great to hear Bannister's poetic thoughts during it.

Racing for time, not for the win. Look at that gap before 2nd place.


SteveQ 10:41 AM, May 12, 2014  

I just saw an interesting interview with Bannister where he was asked about the guy who came in 4th that day. Bannister, Chattaway and Brasher were all from wealthy families, went to the best schools and had access to the best facilities and coaches. The next guy was a townie who worked 40 hours a week. Bannister said, "He ran 4:20 or something like that. He didn't figure into it."

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