TWO Races This Weekend

>> Monday, June 02, 2014

So as I mentioned in my last post, I'm taking on the Trinona Triathlon race director at the Trinona Time Trial on Saturday night.

Then on Sunday morning, I'm doing the Sprint Triathlon at the Trinona Triathlon! But being I can't run, I'm doing the swim as part of a sprint relay.

I'm still pretty bummed that I'm not running, and I'm watching my hopes of doing some triathlons this year slip away, but I'm doing pretty good with SWIMMING and BIKING:

Last May, I swam 6700 yards. This May, I swam over 14000 yards (not including 1800 yesterday [June 1] that would put my 30 day total over 16000 yards). My sprained ankle from 2 months ago has slowed me up in the pool (I'm kicking a little timidly), but at least I'm getting in some solid swims. I just did 200 yard repeats for the first time ever. They sucked (meaning they were good for me). I averaged 3:08 for my 200s, and I'd love to see if I can hold that pace for the 400 meter swim at Trinona.

Last May, I biked 98 miles. They were middle-distance rides mostly, with a few hill repeats. And 1 duathlon. This May, I biked 146 miles. It was a lot of middle-distance (to slightly-shorter) rides, and some hill repeats again. I don't feel like I've gone very FAST this spring, and I haven't raced. That makes me worried for the upcoming Time Trial showdown.

In related news, final "race week" training has been going good. Yesterday, I trained with this:

Those are Deep Fried S'Mores Bites at Grand Ole Day. There was marshmallow and chocolate inside. Amazing. Henry had a great time in a jumpy-castle-maze-thingy. Here are 4 photos:

Back with more about the upcoming Time Trial showdown tomorrow. Click here if you missed my last post about being called out to race by the TT by the Trinona race director.


Jeff T.,  10:33 PM, June 03, 2014  

Do you ever do shorter sprints when swim training? I remember in my high school swim days (ah... those were the days), the constant push to get your 100 time <60 seconds was a rite of passage, but once hit it seemed like a 10x100 set @1:20 was totally doable.

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