2013 Year in Review

>> Monday, January 06, 2014

- Swim: 87,546 yards (49.74 miles)
- Bike: 651.35 miles (18.25 mph ave)
- Run: 674.52 miles (7:53 / mile ave - maybe slowest average ever)
- Bike Trainer: 3 hour, 11 minutes (all early in 2013)
- Strength / Core: 157 hours, 30 minutes
- Elliptical Trainer: 1 hour
- Aqua Jogging: 1 hour, 15 minutes
- Walking: 21 hours, 48 minutes (nearly all with Henry)
- Weight: 159.8 start, 160.2 end, 161.4 high (Jan), 153.2 low (June), 157.01 average
- Body Fat: (monthly ave) 14.0% high (Nov), 11.8% low (July), 13.01% yearly average

No spin classes and no mountain biking (both for the 3rd year in a row).


- Swim: HIGHEST mileage since 2010!! (Pre-Henry.) Almost 2.5 times more than last year. Between my first swim meet in February, preparing for my swim off against that pro triathlete guy, getting injured in September and not being able to bike or run, and now training for the Israman half iron distance swim in a few weeks, I've been in the water a bit more than normal. I still don't feel like I'm swimming a lot (any "swimmer" will tell you I'm HARDLY swimming), but I'm turning out some decent miles. For me.

- Bike: again, HIGHEST mileage since 2010!! (Pre-Henry.) Apparently it's easier training with a 2 year old than it is to train with a newborn or a 1 year old. Go figure. It's still CRAPPY mileage, but it's pretty average for me - someone who doesn't really like to bike that much. I trained up a bit for my 2 TTs this year (especially for Trinona). Now, I haven't even looked at my bike since my injury in September.

- Run: this is a bit opposite here from my swim and bike numbers: LOWEST mileage since 2009. I've only logged 37 miles since September (when I got injured). I was well on track for a 950+ mile year, but then I got slowed up. I'm actually surprised how OK I was with not running for so long - I didn't go too crazy not running at ALL from Sept 9 through Nov 13. Oh, and I haven't tailed my miles with Henry and the stroller for 2013, but it was NOTHING near the 511 miles I ran with him in 2012! (UPDATE: I just had to tally how far I ran with Henry in 2013. It ended up being a total of 76.06 miles. Monthly, my "Henry mileage" was 23.01, 0, 4.65, 3.1, 3.65, 14.91, 0, 23.99, 2.75, 0, 0, 0.)

- Strength / Core: A LOT. A good percentage of this was physical therapy work after my injury. (Case in point: the month before I got injured [and for many of the months before that], I did 9 hours of strength work. Last month, I did 21 hours of strength training.) This yearly total was more than double of my total in 2010, and nearly 1.5 times more than 2012.

- Weight: I've slowly been getting heavier over the years, but my average in 2013 was actually 0.2 pounds lighter than my 2012 average! Yes! Victory is mine!


- Duathlons: 3 (2 individual and 1 as a relay)
- Triathlons: 2 - both sprints (not including a failed relay where I dropped out due to injury)

- 1 Mile: 2 (1 on a 200 meter track, 1 road mile)
- 2 Mile: 1
- 4 Mile: 1 (RACED WITH HENRY!)

- 1 Swim Meet: 50 yard and 100 yard
- 2 Time Trials

In 2012, I did 20 races. I was going to have a big September and October in 2013, but then I fell injured, so I only had 12 races on the year. And I can't believe I only raced 8 miles total of running races! In 2012, I raced over 98 miles of running races alone (but, then again, I was racing the MDRA "Grand Prix" series of running races in 2012).

(There are 5 for 2013)

- My first swim meet ever back in Feb: here's my race report from my first ever 50 yard and 100 yard races. I'm not a great swimmer, but I was happy with what I was able to do.

The epitome of grace. That's me.
(My first dive start in my first 50.)

- My first duathlon win in May: in 2012, I was 2nd at the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon, and I was able to win it all in 2013!

- Training for and racing the Midsummer Mile: this was my 2nd road mile, and I really trained for this and had a good showing. I ran a 4:50 which is decent, but there were 4 90-degree turns, and it's known as a slow course. As I noted in my race report, I was thrilled to be just 8 seconds behind speedy Ben Merchant because I was 28 seconds behind him at the each of the last TWO 1-mile races we'd done against each other! Thanks Coach Jen for giving me some great 1-mile specific track workouts leading up to this race!

Photo from my race report.

- Beating my pro triathlete frenemy Devon twice in 2013: well, technically he beat me both times. But based on the "equalizer" we set up before hand, I technically won. First, Pete and I beat his relay team at the Gear West Duathlon:

Pete and I pre-race.

Hitting the finish before Devon's team.

And then, I beat Devon during our 100 / 125 yard "swim off" last month:

As I said after both of those races, I think EVERYONE should find a friend or "frenemy" to race against now-and-then - it's great motivation! (As I noted above about having a better-than-average year in the pool.)

- I placed well in my few races this year: I was 2nd in my age group in BOTH of my triathlons, and I placed 1st overall and 6th in my age group in my 2 individual duathlons. I'm pretty happy with that.

We'll see what 2014 brings. The only race on my schedule so far is the "TC Looney Challenge" (5K and 10K Oct 4, and the TC 10 Mile on Oct 5), and I don't have many goals other than to get healthy and kick this injury.


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