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>> Wednesday, January 08, 2014

It's been cold here. I'm sure you've heard about it. I went outside 2 days ago to blow some bubbles and watch them freeze before they hit the ground. Below is one photo, but click here to see more on my Photo Blog:

Frozen and dented on my driveway.

Yesterday, I checked the 10 day forecast for Israel as I'm gearing up for the 2014 Israman Negev half iron distance race next Friday. I'll be there for the majority of the week leading up to the race, and I'll be looking at a 70-90 degree temperature swing from my current life here in Minnesota:

I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

I should have decent internet access over there, so make sure to be checking back next week for Israman updates from Israel!


Amy 7:55 AM, January 08, 2014  

Very cool frozen bubble. A little hard to see in the image ... was your flash broken from the cold temperatures? Just teasing. I can't even imaging being outside. But if you do it again maybe put food coloring into the bubble mix ... it could be pretty.

Nick Campbell 8:09 AM, January 08, 2014  

don't forget your Coppertone...or is that frozen too?

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